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Dec 14, 2020 · 3 min read

What is a stream in Superfluid?

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Streaming with Superfluid means sending tokens from one wallet to another via a continuous flow over time.

  • Immediate start. The stream starts immediately, as soon as you open it by broadcasting your transaction to the blockchain.
  • No set end date. It continues over time, without a set end date, until your wallet’s token balance hits zero. When this happens your streams are terminated automatically.
  • Constant flow. You set the flow rate of tokens, which remains constant over time. You can set a yearly, monthly, daily or hourly amount. We always convert it to the amount per second, which is the actual amount transferred between the accounts.
  • No gas for streaming. The stream runs without any transactions or gas costs. Tokens will automatically leave your wallet and be immediately spendable by the receiver. One transaction is required to open, close or edit a stream.
  • No assets locking. The amount you are streaming isn’t locked in a smart contract, it is always available in your wallet. This allows you to send a stream of 1000 DAI/month even with 300 DAI in your wallet. However, if you don’t “top up” before the balance hits zero your stream will be closed.
  • Token wrapping. You cannot send regular ERC20 tokens, you need to “upgrade” them to give them Superfluid functionalities similarly to wrapped ETH (wETH).

Send your first stream (no coding required)

You can send your first stream in less than a minute using our Dashboard. All you need is an Ethereum wallet (ideally Metamask) set to the Goerli Test Network of Ethereum (it’s still in alpha release).

Once in the Dashboard just follow the instruction of the onboarding tour and you should be able to send your very first stream!

If you have any issues just hit the green chat bubble on the bottom right corner and our team will be with you as soon as possible.

How does it work?

Superfluid is a smart contracts framework that adds functionalities to crypto tokens. We call these new functionalities and they are generally a way to represent financial relationships between parties that last over time. All tokens that leverage Superfluid () can use all available . In to make your existing ERC20 token a SuperToken you need to “upgrade it” through a wrapping process similar to how works 📌

Our first that enables P2P Streaming Money is called C(CFA). This connects two wallets together, allowing money to flow from one to the other without using gas.

When a Superfluid CFA is executed by a wallet it starts a stream of tokens, described by three parameters: . FlowRate is the amount, defined in tokens per second 💸

Superfluid streams are opened through one on-chain transaction. Once you have opened a stream, it requires no gas to run over time. It will keep transferring tokens according to the set FlowRate at every block in perpetuity, with no actions needed, and no gas.

Superfluid streams can be closed at any time by either the sender or the receiver.

You don’t need to have any specific amount of tokens in your balance. For example, you can open a stream for $10.000 per month, even if your account only has $100 right now. However, if your balance reaches zero, your streams will be closed

  1. Upgrade the tokens you want to send to superTokens via wrapping
  2. Open your stream
  3. Sit back, relax, your tokens will keep flowing
  4. Just make sure your wallet balance stays above zero 😎

Build with Superfluid Streams

Superfluid has been designed with developers in mind, you can learn more about how to build with Superfluid and send your first stream by reading our docs or following this step by step video tutorial.

If you have any questions or issues when building with our code, hop in the Developers channel of our Discord and we’ll help you as much as we can!

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