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Superfluid Streams Are Now Visible as NFTs in Your Wallet

A key part of any good user experience is visibility — that is, how understandable the status of the product you’re interacting with is. Think about everything from a sign at a museum to the status of an Ethereum transaction; with clear visibility, users can better understand what they’re doing and make more informed decisions.

Visibility was a driving force behind our Dashboard V2 redesign, and continues to push us forward today as we work to create a state-of-the-art money streaming experience. In this article, we’re excited to share a new feature that makes streaming even more visible and composable: money stream NFTs.

In effect, this feature means Superfluid streams are now automatically minted as NFTs upon opening and burned when closed. By turning all active streams to NFTs in your wallet, they can now be visualized via OpenSea, by many wallets and portfolio aggregators!

Enhanced Visibility of Money Streams Across Web3 Platforms

By turning Superfluid streams into NFTs, they are now highly visible across the web3 ecosystem — from wallets and portfolio trackers to block explorers and NFT marketplaces.

Although Super Token balances have long been visible in wallets and some portfolio trackers, users can now see a stream’s specific details (i.e., token, flow rate, sender, receiver, start date, etc) directly within any platform that supports NFTs, letting users know that they are receiving a stream and saving them the time of having to go to our Dashboard.

💡 Note: The Superfluid money stream NFT collection is still unverified on OpenSea. While we wait for OpenSea to verify our collection, you can view your money stream NFTs by navigating to the “Hidden” tab.

Plug & Play With Token/NFT-Gating Platforms

By leveraging NFTs, Superfluid money streams can be easily integrated into existing token/NFT-gating platforms — providing web3 communities with a simpler way to gate their content & experiences with streams.

Although this was already possible with platforms like Unlock Protocol and thanks to our recent partnerships, this update enables any token/NFT-gated platform to integrate money streams virtually autonomously.

The Future of Money Stream NFTs

With NFTs attached, money streams are closer to becoming an “asset” in their own right, presenting the potential for greater utility and thus adoption.

Money stream NFTs aren’t transferable yet, but this feature is the first step towards a future where users can borrow against and trade ongoing streams like they would any other token — providing DeFi users and investors with a glimpse into a new kind of asset class; one capable of representing real-time value settlements and reacting dynamically to programmable logic.



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