Superfluid to sponsor EtherPunk 2021

Jan 18 · 2 min read

Running from 22Jan to 21Feb, 2500$ in Superfluid bounties up for grabs!

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In 2019/2020 our founders participated in many hackathons, taking home prizes from ETHParis, ETHBerlin, ETHLondon, and ETHDenver. We believe hackathons are an amazing opportunity for newcomers and veterans alike to form new teams, test new ideas, and build amazing prototypes! 🎠

For this reason, we are extremely proud to announce we will be sponsoring Etherpunk 2021, a global online hackathon organized by DevFolio.

We are especially excited about partnering with DevFolio, as they have been organizing the hugely successful ETHIndia hackathon series, which has brought many developers into the blockchain movement. Their efforts have led to significant ecosystem network efforts and kickstarting breakthrough projects like Instadapp, Incento, and, most recently, DefiDollar, as well as many joining the ranks of talented teams like that of! ✨


Superfluid will be awarding 4 hacks, judged along the metrics of: complexity, degree of integration with Superfluid, and completeness/functionality of the implementation.

And of course, coolness 🔥

  • 1000$ for the best application
  • 500$ for 3 runner ups

Looking for ideas to hack on?

Check out our ideas document, and feel free to submit your own. You will also find a list of past submissions, and the documentation you might need to get your hands dirty! 🙌

Need help assembling a team? Join the #Etherpunk channel on our discord we will get you all the help you need to get your product up and running 🏃

May the best hackers win! 🚀

Build with Superfluid Streams

Superfluid has been designed with developers in mind, you can learn more about how to build with Superfluid and send your first stream by reading our docs or following this step by step video tutorial.

If you have any questions or issues when building with our code, hop in the Developers channel of our Discord and we’ll help you as much as we can!

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