How to Remove and Install Shade Canopy

Step-by-step video tutorial and printable instructions!

To protect your investment, we recommend removing your shade fabric during fall and winter seasons to avoid heavy snow loads. This will keep your shade fabric in good shape to use during spring and summer.

Make the process easier with our Glide Elbow™

With our patent-pending Glide Elbow mechanism, you can easily remove shade fabric with the use of a wrench or cordless drill. The fabric hook connection also minimizes metal-on-metal wear. Just follow this easy two-step process!

Detailed look at our Glide Elbow.

STEP 1: Use a small Allen wrench to remove the protective cover to reveal the drive nut inside of the elbow.

STEP 2: Use a wrench or power drill with an appropriately sized socket to loosen the tension by rotating the drive nut. Remove shade fabric.

Step-by-Step Video Tutorial

Glide Elbow helps keep your shade fabric top-notch!

Printable Instructions

We also have instructions on how to remove the fabric from a standard shade canopy. Download your copy here!

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