Is Seeing Believing?

Recap of NRPA 2017

We’re back from the National Recreation and Park Association’s (NRPA) Annual Conference, which was held in the Big Easy! We had a ‘toad’ally awesome time showcasing our marsh themed playground, along with our custom site amenities and shade capabilities. Our Aunt Sally’s pralines — a Louisiana favorite — drew park and recreational professionals to our booth and our custom manufacturing capabilities made them stay. So many of you talked about your needs for shading outdoor spaces and were inspired about how to further customize and brand those spaces through the use of themed playgrounds and site amenities.

Speaking of themed playgrounds… Did you know we featured two themed playgrounds in our booth? That’s right — two! One in reality and one in VIRTUAL reality.

You came. You saw. But did you believe?

This year, we featured virtual reality in our booth! Once the head-mounted display was on, attendees were transported 1.5 miles down the road to New Orleans’ Woldenberg Park where they explored a pirate themed recycled playground, climbed on our Pirate Tower net climber, and played a game of corn hole.

This new virtual reality-based program revolutionizes the way you shop for and experience recreational equipment! Customers of Superior Recreational Products can now request their site be created in a virtual world, allowing board members and stakeholders to experience the equipment within your outdoor space before you buy it.* Interested in learning more? Contact us with your questions and let’s get your virtual world started today!

Join In on the Fun

Didn’t make this year’s conference? No worries! Head on over to our Instagram page to view a few scenes from our booth. Also, be sure to register for next year’s conference. See you in Indiana!

*Projects must meet a minimum purchasing amount.

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