July is Park and Recreation Month

Here are 5 fun and affordable ways to celebrate!

We at Superior Recreational Products invite you to join us in celebrating Park and Recreation Month! Throughout July, get to your local park and discover ways to play, relax, live. From playing on the playground to relaxing on a park bench, spending time outdoors is beneficial to the physical and mental well-being of both children and adults. Here are five fun and affordable ways you can enjoy your local park this month:

1) Have a Picnic

Bring a big blanket or find a picnic table underneath a pavilion to have a relaxing picnic with family or friends. Get immersed in conversation while spending some quality time outside at your local park.

2) Play on the Playground

It’s important for children to have daily time outside where they can be active while having fun. This month, you can take your children to discover the different park playgrounds in your area!

3) Read on a Park Bench

Dive into a good book or catch up on current events by reading the newspaper. There are many benefits to reading, no matter your age! Learn more about that here.

4) Go to the Dog Park

Be the best companion to your furry family member by taking them to your local dog park for some fun and exercise. Learn more about the benefits of dog parks!

5) Exercise

There are many ways to get a workout in the park: go for a run, walk, yoga, find outdoor fitness equipment, and more! Improve your health and wellness while getting outside.

How do you like to spend time at the park? Let us know in the comments!

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