SuperLayer’s 2022 Year in Review

Travis Zane
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3 min readDec 22, 2022


Over the past year, the Web3 community has experienced both moments of excitement and uncertainty. SuperLayer continues to focus on building — with the confidence that Web3 is more than any single moment or person.

Here is our 2022 Year in Review:

The SuperLayer Ecosystem

Project Milestones

  • Chainforest — the Web3 investment DAO — publicly launched in October
  • Taki — the Web3 social network for owning your influence — launched in Beta in August (accessible outside of the USA)
  • Hotline — the token-based platform for creators and their communities — launched in Alpha in November
  • Joyride — the Web3 platform for game creators — had two of its games (Solitaire Blitz and Trickshot Blitz) become Top 10 dApps (according to dAppRadar)

Favorite Quotes from Our Partners

Favorite Articles from the Blog

Favorite Events of the Year

Tony Pham at Wellness x Climate Event for Miami Art Week (Left); Ira Lam and Sakina Arsiwala at NFT San Francisco — Women in Web3 (Right)
Saad Rizvi at Web Summit (Left); Kevin Chou at Consensus 2022 (Right)

Building a user-owned internet was never going to be easy. We’re immensely proud of the entire Web3 ecosystem for withstanding some of the toughest times we’ve seen, and excited to continue building the space for the better.

Cheers to 2022 — and to a brighter, smarter, integrity-led 2023.

SuperLayer is a Web3 venture studio that builds and supports new multi-chain, tokenized consumer products and applications powered by the RLY Protocol. Led by Managing Partners Kevin Chou and Mahesh Vellanki — who have more than $1 billion+ in exits between their combined venture and founding experience — SuperLayer works with partners and teams to facilitate the launch, staffing, go-to-market, compliance, and fundraising for Web3 projects. The Web3 venture studio’s mission is to attract and support the next 100 million people using crypto. For more information on SuperLayer, visit ••• Blog | LinkedIn | Twitter