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How to wait for and intercept a particular HTTP request in Puppeteer

Situation: In Puppeteer, one sometimes needs to wait for a particular HXR request (e.g., a particular URL has been called to happen) after a particular action (e.g., clicking a button), and you need the HTTP response object of that particular request.

Complication: There is page.waitForResponse but it only returns the values after e.g. has been called:

await'some_identifier')// HXR request to wait for / intercept happens hereconst httpResponseWeWaitFor = await page.waitForResponse((response) => {
// it's already too late here to wait for / intercept the XHR request
return response.url().startsWith("https://somesample") // this signals to puppeteer that we found the response we waited for


Use a promise to wait for the correct HTTP response (remove the await, do the action which fires the XHR (click in this example), and then solve the promise with await :

// don't wait for waitForResponse, but continue by omitting await
const httpResponseWeWaitForPromise = page.waitForResponse((response) => {
return response.url().startsWith("https://somesample")
// HXR request to wait for / intercept happens here
// wait for the Promise to get resolved
const httpResponseWeWait = await httpResponseWeWaitForPromise;



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Soenke Ruempler

Soenke Ruempler

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