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What’s On Shelves This Month

Welcome to Supermarket Sweep — a monthly series focused on the latest and greatest snacks and innovations on shelves at grocery stores nationwide.

SMASHMALLOW Candy Cane and Hot Cocoa Marshmallows

A snack that brings extra cheer to any holiday party this season. Candy Cane features a frosty chill of peppermint with a crispy crunchy twist whereas Cocoa has a soothing warmth of chocolatey cocoa topped with fluffy frothiness. Available at Target, Amazon, and Whole Foods


TastyKake Pound Kake Juniors & Pound Kake Lemon Juniors

Answering the call of pound cake lovers, the texture and flavor of Pound Kake Juniors are Tastykake’s solution for the perfect breakfast or a tasty snack on the go. Available at retailers nationwide


TastyKake Pecan Swirls

Adding a new easy single-serve option of a top-selling Tastykake favorite — Pecan Swirls. Made with real cinnamon. Available at retailers nationwide


Halsa Organic Oatmilk Yogurt Cups

These new oatmilk yogurts are available in four flavors — Plain, Strawberry, Blueberry & Mango — and don’t include any chemical ingredients. There’s also no dairy, no added sugar, and they are certified organic and Kosher. Available at FreshDirect


Perfect Hydration Alkaline Water

Perfect Hydration’s alkaline water is iconically charged to a pH of 9.5+. It is purified to its cleanest form by a 9-stage filtration process and enhanced with a proprietary blend of minerals and electrolytes for Perfect Taste. Available at retailers nationwide

Perfect Hydration

TastyKake Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes

These fall-themed cupcakes are filled with a pumpkin-spice cake covered in a sweet cream cheese icing so you can skip the coffee house and go straight to the store. Available at retailers nationwide


Truvia Calorie-Free Organic Liquids

With zero calories, these are the perfect way to sweeten hot or cold beverages. The sweetness is quick to dissolve, deliciously sweet and comes in two flavors — Original and Vanilla. Available at retailers nationwide


Community Coffee’s American Classic Roast

The American Classic is a medium roast made with premium coffee beans and delivers a rich and balanced cup of coffee. The canister is the perfect family-sized option and is made from a family-owned company with 100 years of experience roasting coffee. Available at Walmart nationwide

Community Coffee

Frill Vegan Ice Cream

Frill is the world’s only whole fruit and vegetable-based vegan ice cream, offering a new creamy and clean ice cream alternative for snacking or dessert. Frill is certified vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, non-GMO, kosher, paleo-friendly and contains zero added sugar, sweeteners or artificial ingredients. Available in four varieties: Bursting Berries, Intense Chocolate, Nutty Caramel and Refreshing Green. Available at retailers throughout the Western United States and Hawaii


Nutri-Grain Kids

Kids are the toughest food critics around, but this perfect bite-sized snack offers a lunch bag solution with the nutrients kids need. It has eight vitamins and minerals, along with eight grams of whole grains per serving, filling made with real fruit and no high-fructose corn syrup. Flavors include Awesome Apple, Strawberry Blast and Grapetastic. Available at retailers nationwide


Pop & Bottle Oat Milk Lattes

These oat milk lattes have daily wellness benefits to help restore, glow and unwind. Going beyond the oat milk craze, the new line was crafted with the goal of optimizing your cold brew obsession and combining it with your wellness routine so your coffee can work harder for you. Each flavor will feature a different functional ingredient — including collagen, antioxidants, and adaptogens. Available at retailers nationwide

Pop & Bottle


A brand new USDA Certified Organic electrolyte beverage with Vitamin C that will take the guesswork out of keeping your kids hydrated. Available in three kid-friendly flavors including Blue Raspberry, Orange and Watermelon. Available at retailers nationwide

Kids Roar

Tessemae’s Organic Mayo

Craving a BLT with a little zing? Spice things up by adding a dollop of Organic Habanero Mayo for some extra bite. Coordinating a camping cookout or tailgate party? Add Organic Ranch Mayo to your potato and macaroni salads for some zesty vibes. Available at retailers nationwide


Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Mexican Hot Chocolate

This fun take on hot chocolate is rich and has a subtle spice with ingredients like cinnamon, red pepper, and allspice. You can serve it hot or cold and it’s a dairy-free option for the holidays. Available at retailers in the Northeast

Almond Breeze

SkinnyPop Popcorn +Collagen

The same crunchy, addicting SkinnyPop popcorn we all love, but now with the added benefits of collagen peptides. Available exclusively at Whole Foods


Lenny & Larry’s The Complete Cremes

Everyone’s favorite protein cookie now offers a healthier twist on the beloved sandwich cookie. Each two-cookie serving contains 6 grams of plant-based protein, 4 grams of fiber and 1/3 less sugar than leading brands. Available in Chocolate and Vanilla. Available on Amazon and at Vitamin Shoppe nationwide beginning in November

Lenny & Larry’s

Brownie Bark Mixes

The new Pillsbury Brownie Bark Mixes help people bake fresh brownie bark at home. Melding the rich, mouthwatering chocolate flavor of Pillsbury brownies, with the crisp crunch of a bark, results in a delectably, irresistible thin sweet treat. Available in two varieties — Chocolate Chip and Toffee.


GODIVA Premium Baking Chocolates

The new products combine GODIVA chocolate and the convenience of baking chocolates, ideal for any homemade dessert from hand dipped strawberries to decadent cakes. The new GODIVA baking chocolate line is comprised of three products — baking bars, melting chocolates, and baking chips. Available at retailers nationwide




Welcome to Supermarket Sweep - a monthly series focused on the latest and greatest snacks and innovations on shelves at retailers nationwide.

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