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What’s On Shelves This Month

Welcome to Supermarket Sweep — a monthly series focused on the latest and greatest snacks and innovations on shelves at grocery stores nationwide.

Shoppers are shifting to online purchasing and skipping the grocery store if possible. However, we’re trying to get back to a new normal and that means back to perusing the aisles for the latest food and beverages that hit shelves. Many brands are now offering their products online so you can skip an in-person trip altogether. Get those carts ready because here’s what just hit grocery stores…

Boxed Water

SUNNYD Lemonade and Watermelon ($1.99-$4.99)

The iconic fridge staple has re-released two limited-time-only summer flavors — Watermelon and Lemonade. Now available in 6.75-oz., single-serve bottles for on-the-go sipping and 64-oz. multi-serve carafes. Available at retailers nationwide


siggi’s Plant-Based Yogurt Blends ($1.99–$2.19)

These new blends have more protein than sugar per cup and are available in Vanilla & Cinnamon, Mango, Mixed Berries, Strawberry, Raspberry, and Lemon & Lavender flavors. The new yogurts have 8 to 9 grams of sugar and 10 grams of protein. Available at retailers nationwide


Nubu Nut Butter Bites ($3.79)

Combining both nuts and nut butter in a mess-free and better-for-you snack, these bites are available in three flavors — peanut, pecan, and cashew — and are made with six simple ingredients and 100% natural peanut butter. Available on Amazon, Walmart and other retailers nationwide


Tiller & Hatch Frozen Meals ($12)

Tiller & Hatch has expanded with four all-new recipes of the convenient, affordable meals. The new flavors include — Chili Mac, Italian Chicken Gnocchi, BBQ Beef Chili, and Chicken Tikka Masala. Available at Walmart and Target nationwide

Tiller & Hatch

Domino Golden Sugar ($4.19 for 3.5lbs)

Made from pure cane sugar, this golden sugar works cup-for-cup just like white sugar, but has a beautiful golden color and a distinct hint of molasses flavor. Available on Amazon, Walmart and at most local retailers nationwide


Field Roast Vegan Nuggets ($7.99)

These tasty, vegan-friendly nuggets are quick and easy to prepare and are great alone or with your favorite sauces. These bite-sized nuggets are 100% plant-based and made from ingredients like roasted garlic, wheat, and pea protein. They also have 14g of protein per serving, no GMOs, soy, artificial ingredients or colors. Available at select retailers nationwide

Field Roast

Mary’s Gone Crackers Real Thin Crackers ($3.99)

These new crackers are available in four flavors: Olive Oil + Cracked Black Pepper, Tomato + Basil, and Chipotle. All of Mary’s snacks are certified organic, gluten-free, allergen-friendly, and vegan. Available at retailers nationwide

Mary’s Gone Crackers

Boxed Water ($21 for 12-pack)

This water offers sustainable alternatives to plastic bottles and aluminum cans and recently added a 330mL size. Boxed Water’s packaging is 92 percent plant-based and incorporates a new plant-based cap in every carton to achieve maximum sustainability. Available at retailers nationwide

Boxed Water

Bilinski’s Organic Breakfast Links ($7.99)

Nicely sweetened with maple syrup and spiced with cinnamon, the Apple Breakfast is perfect when grilled and served next to eggs and waffles for breakfast. The Classic Sage is seasoned with Sage & Cayenne Pepper, the ideal companion to a frittata with potatoes and onions. Available at retailers nationwide


Barebells ($25.99 per 12-pack)

This high-in-protein, no added sugar protein bar brand just launched four new flavors: White Chocolate Almond, Cookies and Cream, Salty Peanut, and Caramel Cashew. Each bar is free from palm oil, has 20 grams of protein, and no added sugar. Available at gyms nationwide, Earthbars @ Equinox, Nugget Market, and independents stores nationwide


Bushwick Kitchen’s Trees Knees Maple Syrup ($13.99)

Bushwick Kitchen’s Trees Knees maple syrup is 100% organic and Grade A for rich amber color and flavor. Trees Knees maple syrup is made with all-natural, minimal ingredients to ensure the highest quality and taste in every bottle. All of Bushwick Kitchen’s Trees Knees organic maple syrup flavors are gluten-free, paleo-friendly, and vegan. Available at Walmart nationwide

Bushwick Kitchen

GOOD GOOD Vegan Jam ($8.99)

Made with real fruit, low calories, and no added sugar, Good Good’s line of delicious vegan jams is available in four flavors — Blueberry, Apricot, Strawberry, and Raspberry. Each serving has just 4–5 calories and 4 grams of sugar. Available on Amazon

Good Good

Purely Elizabeth’s Pancake Mixes ($6.99)

Light and fluffy with no added sugar and high in protein, Purely Elizabeth’s pancake mixes are a heartier, more satisfying pancake that is ready in a matter of minutes. The variations are Ancient Grain, Grain-Free, Grain-Free Protein with Collagen (which is the first-ever mix with grass-fed collagen). Available at Publix and Whole Foods Markets nationwide

Purely Elizabeth

Tastykake Scoop Shop Cookies and Crème Brownies ($3.99 per 8 count)

These new desserts combine a fudge cake brownie with a cookies and crème crunch, joining the Scoop Shop line of ice cream inspired treats. Available at retailers nationwide


RollinGreens Cauliflower Wings ($69.99 for a 12oz 6-pack)

Recently launched Cauliflower wings are available in flavors including Teriyaki, Sweet Mustard, and Spicy Green Buffalo Sauce. These can be popped in the oven for 15 minutes and then topped with your favorite sauce. They are 100% clean, gluten-free, allergen-friendly, and vegan. Available at retailers nationwide


ONE Brands Butter Pecan Bar($2.49-$2.79)

The newest ONE bar has a soft buttery inside with real chunks of pecans. It’s packed with 20 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar while also being gluten-free. Available on Amazon Fresh


4Sisters Long Grain Organic Rice ($4–$5)

Every batch of 4Sisters rice is sustainably grown, non-GMO, gluten-free, and certified kosher. Available in white and brown varieties and can be used in any number of recipes. Available at retailers nationwide


Life Cuisine Frozen Meals ($3.99-$4.69)

This new brand, launched by Nestle, is a brand new meatless frozen line. Each dish is high protein, gluten-free, low-carb, and plant-based. There are fifteen dishes available like Cauliflower Pizza, Korean Style BBQ, and Chicken Enchilada. Available at retailers nationwide

Life Cuisine

Crystal Farms Cheese Wraps ($4.99)

These unique cheese wraps are specially cut to wrap and roll without breaking offering consumers an easy solution to how to have a carb-free meal. The cheese wraps can be prepared in multiple ways, including baked or toasted to create a crunchy taco shell. It is available in two varieties — Marble Jack and Mozzarella. Available at retailers nationwide

Crystal Farms

Meatless Farm Burgers ($5.99)

Their current line of meat-free ground and meat-free burgers are gluten-free, made from only high-quality, non-GMO ingredients, and have a hearty 21g of protein and 3g of fiber per serving. Available at Whole Foods Markets nationwide

Meatless Farm Co

Cleveland Kitchen Fermented Dressing and Marinade Line ($5.99)

Cleveland Kitchen just debuted the world’s first Fermented Dressing and Marinade line. These plant-based, creamy dressings and marinades will bring pops of fresh flavor to your favorite wrap, salad, bowl, or grilled meal. They come in four variations including Hail Caesar, Roasted Garlic, Sweet Beet and Gnarly Miso Jalapeno. Available at retailers nationwide

Cleveland Kitchen

Jack Link’s Cold Crafted Beef and Cheese Combos ($1.99)

Made with 100% beef and real Wisconsin cheese, Cold Crafted combos are your new favorite refrigerated snacking experience. They are oven smoked and an excellent source of protein and 1g of sugar. Flavors are 100% Beef and Cheddar and 100% Beef and Pepper Jack. Available at retailers nationwide

Jack’s Links

Quorn Meatless Cheesy Nuggets ($5.49)

These meatless nuggets are lightly breaded on the outside with a cheesy melted core on the inside. They are soy-free, non-GMO, and contain egg and dairy. They are also an excellent source of protein. Available at Kroger nationwide


Kite Hill Almond Milk Tzatziki Dip ($3.99)

This dip combines a blend of tangy lemon and creamy almond milk with herby notes of fresh dill and cucumber for a savory dairy-free dip full of flavor. Made of hand-selected California almonds, this fresh and zesty plant-based condiment delivers a Tzatziki dip alternative. Available at Whole Foods Markets nationwide

Kite Hill

Yoplait Go-Gurt Slushie ($2.69 per 8-count)

This Slushie combines the iconic taste and fizzing texture of a slushie with yogurt. Available in two classic slushie flavors — Blue Raspberry and Cherry — Go-Gurt Slushie is calcium-packed and a perfect snack to fuel playtime. Available at retailers nationwide


Rold Gold Recipe №5 ($4.99)

These buttery twists feature the crispy texture of Rold Gold pretzels you know and love. Try them with peanut butter, hummus, or on their own. Available at retailers nationwide

Rold Gold

Coolhaus Dairy-Free Mini Cups ($2.99)

The new dairy-free mini cups have a rich, clean base made with a unique blend of pea protein, brown rice, and cocoa butter. The dairy-free mini cups are available in Best of Both Worlds Vanilla, Cookie Dough Lyfe, and Dirty Mint Chip. Available at Whole Foods Markets nationwide


Lily’s White Chocolate Style Baking Chips ($6.99)

This style of baking chip will inspire home cooks to branch out beyond baking with a smooth, creamy texture. The chips are sweetened with stevia and have less sugar than a traditional morsel. Available at Whole Foods Markets nationwide




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