Host Your Own Interactive Game Show — There’s an App for That

Kalle Määttä
Nov 23, 2018 · 3 min read

The app is called Master of Points Game Show and it’s now available in the Streamlabs app store for all Twitch streamers.

Master of Points — Game show

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Master of Points is a customizable interactive Game Show for anyone to host on their Twitch channel. The audience is presented with quiz questions they have to answer within the time frame selected by the host. Once players give a correct answer, their profile picture will fall down the screen while the host cheers them along. At the end of the quiz the best players will be automatically selected for the profile picture raffle that selects out one lucky player for rewarding. Find more details about at the Streamlabs app store.

Key Reasons To Host Your Own Game Show

  1. Have Fun with Your Audience
  • People love to interact with their favorite streamers

2. Something Special for Your Subscribers

  • You can quiz all of your audience or just the subscribers, as you wish

3. Build Your Own Primetime

  • Host the show regularly and build an increasing audience for it — just like HQ Trivia or any Game Shows you’ve ever seen on TV

4. Reward Your Fans

  • Give out amazing prizes to the luckiest of the best — it’s not the price that counts, but the thought, because people love winning

5. New Way to Monetize Your Stream

  • Give your sponsors a new way to win the attention of your audience

Audiences And Advertisers LOVE Game Shows

The very first televised game show, Spelling Bee, was broadcasted in 1938. Since then game shows and other more elaborate formats have become a driving force of pop culture — the birthplace of over-night stars. Game shows are advertiser-friendly and still remain one of the most lucrative ways for TV channels to sell eyeballs — with $1.75 billion in the US (2015) .

So far, hosting a game show has required the massive resources of TV channels (cost $1 million per hour) or really deep pockets to build a live trivia app like HQ Trivia (raised $15 million).

Now we want to democratize this. We want to make it possible for anyone who has a PC, Streamlabs OBS and enough ambition to start hosting their own game show where viewers are not just the audience but also the participants!

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Our first game show format — The Master of Points — is now available for a monthly fee of $6.99 at the Streamlabs app store. Also, Streamlabs will reward you with $15 FREE money to spend in the app store when you sign up!

Quizmaster out,

Team SuperMashApp (

PS. If you’re serious about making money with your Twitch channel ping us with “kerrrching” on our Discord channel so we can talk about making the best possible experience for your audience.

PPS. And the same goes for all brands who want to uphold meaningful engagement with Twitch users, we can make you an app for that also!


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