The Ultimate Live-Time with Your Audience

Kalle Määttä
Nov 29, 2018 · 3 min read
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When we first started looking into engaging live shows on Facebook, the main thing we noticed is that people will naturally strive to interact with videos, even without a human host, just by commenting on the video chat. What we also noticed however, is that as soon as viewers are invited to participate with a purpose, such as voting, commenting increases and also senseless spamming decreases. Seeing their profile pictures or names on screen is an exhilarating experience for the viewers and winning a prize for participation will absolutely make anyone’s day, heck, maybe even their year if it’s tickets to see their favorite team play.

That’s why we started developing live quizzes for clients such as William Hill (UK), Jung von Matt (GE) and Veikkaus (FI) to host on their Facebook pages. The key factor was not just that any of these were striving to entertain their own fans, it was to also integrate other stronger and more valuable brands into the content and share that entertainment with those fans too.

Our interactive live quizzes have already been entertaining the fans of:

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This type of brand integration allows the brand to become a part of the experience, and thus resonate with the viewer, whereas product placement usually just features a camera shot of a product, which has a merely static presence that can not engage with the viewer.

Live Video is Becoming Real-Time

Just a year ago low latency live video was a luxury of custom made apps, like HQ, but now Twitch, Mixer and YouTube support it and most likely Facebook will also achieve the same very soon. Besides from this, Twitch, Mixer and Facebook are also constantly developing new tools and extension for audience interaction in live streams. This means that streamers can create ever more engaging and perfectly real-time experiences for their audiences.

Host Your Own Interactive Live Show — We’ll Make You an App for That

So far, we’ve been serving our clients as an agency that takes care of everything — From concept design and creation with our interaction engine, to hosting exceptional interactive live experiences on Facebook using our live production platform.

Now thanks to the Streamlabs app store launch, we’re able to convert our formats into apps that our customers can use themselves. Yeah, you heard us: we can now give you the tools and the best formats to reach and engage with your audience wherever and whenever you like!

For more details, please contact us:

Or join our Discord channel:


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