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A Big Update: Super Trade, Sandbox, and BitMEX

Hello, the crypto community! We’re happy to tell you about a huge update of our crypto trading terminal Superorder. Probably, somebody spotted new stuff and already tried it but this article will summarize things and provide some tips on using updated functions.

The most interesting things are related to the crypto trading platform directly. From now on, Superorder can create complex strategies for you using an amazing tool called Super Trade. To get the best results, our users also can test these strategies in Sandbox with demo money. Last but not least, it’s possible now to buy and sell digital assets at BitMEX — the third crypto exchange with Superorder support.

And there are more cool things so let’s just check them in details!

Super Trade Feature

Super Trade takes care of the architecture of buy strategies. Using this tool for traders, you can choose between Market Buy or Limit Buy, specify the amount, and then add Take Profit options or Stop Loss. The terminal for crypto trading then will design the exact strategy using various order types plus conditionals, i.e. OR/AND Forks. As a result, Super Trade eliminates the need to build strategies on your own!

Check a quick example to grasp the algorithm. Let’s say, you want to get 2 BTC at Binance using limits and then secure profits + protect from losses simultaneously:

1.Click the Super Trade button under “Buy BTC” headline in the orders’ section.

Super Trade feature

2. Choose Limit Order and the way you want to fill it (the crypto terminal will start the strategy with Limit Buy then):

  • As Units Amount aka how much BTC you want to purchase.
  • As Spend Amount aka how much USDT you are ready to sell.

3. Enable Take Profit and put up to 5 lines. Superorder will place Market Sell actions using AND Forks and will execute them automatically. Don’t forget that the total amount of all lines shouldn’t exceed 100%.

4. Enable Stop Loss by specifying its rate, too. Superorder will add OR Fork with subsequent Stop Loss order that will be executed upon reaching the set level.

5. Press Create Trade to arrange the orders and run them using our trading terminal.

Super Trade settings

Also, note two lines near the Create Trade button. They represent the estimated profits and the estimated losses that you will face after completing the strategy. Overall, Super Trade is useful when you want to create the most popular buy strategy with a few additional options but don’t want to dive into the nuances of the Superorder builder.

Super Trade strategy

Sandbox Mode

Another update of functionality delivers a brand new way to get Superorder experience without expenses at all. Using Sandbox, you are free to create various strategies and test them because you aren’t limited with real money — 10,000 base units, to be precise. For example, USDT/BTC crypto trade provides for 10,000 free virtual USDT.

Sandbox info

Sandbox automatically enables when you try to buy or sell digital currency without connected API keys. As well, this mode is available as the main test environment for any regular users. Just press the “Run in Sandbox” button that is located under a strategy name and the professional crypto trading terminal will execute this demo chain.

Sandbox settings

BitMEX Support

Finally, the third big feature is a long-awaited expansion of crypto exchanges supported by Superorder. BitMEX is a pretty famous crypto trading platform that has a few interesting features:

  • Derivative trading.
  • Margin trading with up to 100x leverage.
  • Both long and short positions.
  • No deposit/withdrawal fees.
  • Bonuses for market makers.

And now all users of our cryptocurrency trading terminal can access BitMEX using the same interface as for other supported exchanges (Binance and Bittrex). Please, note that all deals at BitMEX are made in contracts instead of currency units. Also, you can find a unique order for this exchange — Stop Buy. It works similarly to Stop Loss actions but used for short positions.

BitMEX trading screen

Other Minor Changes

Well, there are also other superb features that facilitate the process of crypto trading and make Superorder interface smoother. So, you can:

  • Switch coin pairs without page reload. The crypto terminal changes pairs quickly so you don’t have to wait extra precious seconds.
  • Update charts by tapping pairs’ titles. Means, you can click on the name of a coin pair in any order and Superorder will switch the chart view to this pair.
  • Open and close the trading terminal without losing views. Superorder now remembers the chosen crypto exchange and saves it for your next visit.

That’s all, to date. Hope, you will enjoy new features and find them helpful for your trading via our crypto terminal Superorder. We work to make crypto trade simple and user-friendly for everyone. See you!



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