Superorder Basics: How to Create a Trading Strategy
Feb 5 · 3 min read

After you’ve registered the account and connected exchanges’ profiles, it’s time to create the first trading strategy. These cool tricks enable automated trading on Superorder simplifying your routine tasks. Finally, you can sleep at night because the system will follow the designed strategy, place orders, buy and sell crypto, and generate profits. Without further ado, let’s figure out how things work.

The Kit

Once you are inside the terminal, proceed to the strategy builder and familiarize yourself with the interface. It’s pretty simple and features… well, bubbles. These graphically-represented instructions to Superorder are basic actions which you can add to strategies. There are nine elements:

  • Limit Buy.
  • Limit Sell.
  • Market Buy.
  • Market Sell.
  • Stop Loss.
  • Sell Trailing Stop.
  • Buy Trailing Stop.
  • Wait for Rate.
  • Rate Change.

In addition, there are conditionals called AND Fork and OR Fork. They split the strategy in two paths, so you can create more complex chains. Forks inside the Forks are supported, too!

Launching Your First Strategy

Now, what about building some chains? Just follow a simple algorithm:

  1. Create a new template.
  2. Name your strategy.
  3. Press the + button to add the first element. Usually, it will be Wait for Rate.
  4. Specify the coin pair, operator (>, >=, <., <=), and rate.
  5. Add the next element which most likely be Market/Limit Buy/Sell.
  6. Again, specify how much you want to buy or sell.
  7. Expand the strategy with more orders like Stop Loss or any Fork.

While general orders are simple and obvious, other stuff (Trailings or Forks) may confuse you. We will cover them in next articles.

Important Tips About Strategies

Whoo, your chain is ready! But wait, it’s paused now and will not work for you. To start the strategy, simply press the Play button and don’t worry about a thing: Superorder will take care about this.

As well, you can rename the chain or share it. The latter option is pretty promising as it’s possible to help your friends, colleagues or subscribers, attract new visitors to the blog or Telegram channel.

Obviously, you can edit everything including exact conditions of each action. For instance, tap a Limit Buy, and choose the exchange to trade on, the desired rate, and the amount you want to get.

Finally, check some hints about Superorder trading strategies:

  • The terminal can handle several chains simultaneously. Feel free to focus on different markets and coin pairs.
  • You can add multiple coin pairs and exchanges to the single strategy. Thus, Superorder lets you sell the entire portfolio in a moment when the market will start crashing.
  • Strategies will work as long as your linked wallets have funds. Be sure to run and pause correctly and stick to the trading plan.

And, surely, don’t forget about our unique offer: if you join the waiting list on the official site now, you will get 2 months of free trial.

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Superorder Official Publications. Telling about simple crypto trading for everyone.

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Superorder Official Publications. Telling about simple crypto trading for everyone.

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