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Hi, friends! Most likely, you already heard about our amazing new features (if no, be sure to check this post). Long story short, we added a few useful functions, including one handy tool called Super Trade. It provides for even more automated crypto trading because Superorder now can design strategies on your behalf. Interested? Then let’s take a closer look at this feature and learn how to use it.

Super Trade Basics

Put simply, this new feature is a simplified interface that takes care of the strategy building process. To use it, you should find the Super Trade button in our crypto terminal, press it, and fill out all the lines.

Then, Super Trade will start working. Actually, it’s pretty simple to understand how this tool for traders turns your requests into the working strategy. Firstly, the system creates a buy order (either Market or Limit) to purchase the specified amount of coins. Then, it splits the strategy into two parts using OR Fork:

  1. The upper part handles all Take Profit requests that are based on AND Forks. Each sub-chain consists of Wait for Rate and Market Sell.
  2. The lower part is a single Stop Loss order. Note that it will be active until all upper sub-chains are completed so you shouldn’t worry about price swings.
Super Trade Button

Trading Using Signals

Overall, Super Trade is wonderful because it allows you to input only general info and avoid the process of strategy designing. It helps when you need to create a chain of orders quickly, e.g. when experts deliver a valuable crypto signal and there’s a little time to use it.

Well, how to make a smart crypto trade with Superorder? Let’s check the whole process using the most recent signal about NANO/BTC pair on Binance:

  • Buy at: 0.0001960.
  • Target 1: 0.0002150.
  • Target 2: 0.0002300.
  • Target 3: 0.0002500.
  • Target 4: 0.0002800.
  • Target 5: 0.0003500.
  • Stop Loss: 0.0001850.

Thus, to create the strategy, you should choose Limit Order and enter 0.0001960 in the Rate field. Then, add five Take Profit lines and enter five target rates from the list above. The trading terminal will automatically split 100% of the position between these lines. Finally, enable Stop Loss option and enter 0.0001850 there. Under actions, you will see potential profits and losses. Lastly, create trade to start the strategy!

Note that the amount of this crypto trade is only your decision. You can open a position for 1 BTC or 10 BTC or 0.05 BTC, etc.

Seems easy, right? Don’t forget to try it by your own using our professional crypto trading terminal Superorder!

NANO/BTC Super Trade


Superorder Official Publications. Telling about simple crypto trading for everyone.

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Superorder Official Publications. Telling about simple crypto trading for everyone.

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