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Superorder Update: CEX.IO Integration, New Subscription Plans, Bots, and Strategy Features

Hi, world. It’s a great day for Superorder traders as we want to reveal huge updates. First and foremost, we’ve added the full support of CEX.IO crypto exchange. From today, you can automate your orders and strategies by bringing them to our terminal. No tangled switches needed, just copy-paste API keys to begin. And, yeah, fiat currencies are available!

Apart from it, there are more cool news. Feel free to check the new subscription model with updated prices. Subscriptions are now based on trading volume that is different for each plan. Also, you can use new bots, new actions, and features, including Repeat Strategy and External Trigger. Finally, there’s a bunch of minor improvements.

For more details, check the further sections.

CEX.IO Integration

Yes, it’s the next big partnership agreement. In addition to Binance, Bittrex, and BitMEX, we’re adding the support of CEX.IO. It’s one of the oldest crypto exchanges/brokerages as it emerged in 2013 in London. Today, the platform has a great liquidity and numerous useful functions for new and pro traders.

Here are the most prominent CEX.IO features:

  • Brokerage services. You can use the platform as the entry point. It sells 12 cryptocurrencies for fiat via Visa, Mastercard, Swift, and ACH. The purchased coins can be used for trading immediately.
  • Fiat currencies. Not only brokerage side supports fiat but the exchange itself allows crypto/fiat trading. Access top markets using USD, EUR, GBP, and RUB. These pairs are available at Superorder now, too.
  • Volume-based fees. Depending on your trading history, fees can be reduced greatly. For example, market makers with monthly volume higher than 3,000 BTC don’t pay fees at all. For takers, the minimum number is 0.1%.

Overall, CEX.IO brings wonderful opportunities for traders. It delivers liquidity and market coverage as the exchange is available in a lot of countries and 31 of USA states. It also has an official license from the UK government. Of course, it’s now possible to use unique Superorder features like advanced order types at CEX.IO.

New Subscriptions and Pricings

The next big change refers to actual use of Superorder and payments. We’ve been working on this update for a long time to provide the best experience for all our users.

From now on, each trader will see his/her monthly trading volume with the terminal in USD equivalent. Each plan will also has its own volume limit. After reaching the cap, you will not be able to run strategies till the month’s end or subscription upgrade.

The exact plans with new prices and features are as follows:

  1. Free ($0 per month). $1,000 limit and basic support.
  2. Starter ($21.75 / $29 per month). $25,000 limit and priority email support.
  3. Advanced ($36.75 / $49 per month). $75,000 limit and priority email/chat support.
  4. Pro ($74.25 / $99 per month). $250,000 limit and priority email/chat support.

All plans will come with a few common features: unlimited number of linked exchanges, portfolio tracker option, Super Trade, Sandbox, bots available for rent, and custom charts.

P.S. The trial period is shortened, too. After the registration, you will get a Pro account for 3 days. Still, if you need more time to learn Superorder basics, don’t hesitate to contact our support.

New Crypto Trading Bots

We’re really proud of this update. Three shiny and profitable bots for BitMEX are awaiting for you at the Bet Marketplace. You can easily rent them from the terminal. As well, it’s possible to buy a bot without registration but you will need an account to use the purchased tool.

Here’s a short info about each new bot:

  • Ethos — ETH/USD trading with long and short deals, 5x leverage, and 98% win rate. It operates at 1-hour timeframe and knows how to use dynamic stops.
  • Mr. Ripple — BTC/XRP trading with long/short deals, 3x leverage, and 97% win rate. The bot also utilizes 1-hour frame.
  • Susy the Baller — BTC/USD trading with highly-aggressive strategies. The win rate is 80% but overall profitability is more than $30,000 from $1,000 start.

New Actions for Your Strategies

The last important thing we want to reveal focuses on new trading features. Actually, there are two actions available for all traders.

1. Repeat Strategy

Look at the trading interface and find the strategy builder. There, under the name of your active chain and Run in Sandbox toggle, you can find a tick box called Repeat Strategy. By activating it, you command Superorder to run this strategy from the first order after the last one is executed. Means, the feature loops your algorithm.

Important note: you can choose the number of repeats. By default, it’s unlimited. If you don’t need that much, open the drop-down list and choose the needed number.

2. External Trigger

It’s another action which you can add to any strategy. It will be activated only after Superorder gets an external signal from you or your software. There are two ways to activate the alert:

  • Email. Send a message to the terminal’s address to trigger the paused action.
  • Webhook. It will be activated by external POST request or TradingView alert.

The most obvious use case for our trigger is a strategy pause. For instance, if you want a chain to stop after a certain order, you can add the External Trigger. Thus, the strategy will continue working only after your response. Alternatively, it can be linked to TradingView indicators so the trigger will be executed after certain conditions are met.

3. Upgraded Rate Change

Also, we’ve expanded the functionality of Rate Change action. Earlier, you could attach it to the previous orders only. Now, it’s more diverse. Rate Change can be linked to the market itself, i.e. to the active trading pair of your strategy. To enable this option, just leave the field “Select Order” empty. Thus, the action will track the market’s movement automatically.

More News Coming

Soon, we will unveil more updates related to Superorder and its functionality.

As for now, feel free to test everything right now. And, surely, clap and share these notes so more traders can explore Superorder new features. Check out our Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram to keep in touch and not to miss a word!



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