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Announcing the $RARE Curation Token and the SuperRare Network

A revolution in NFT art curation and the decentralization of SuperRare

  • SuperRare Spaces: Independently curated storefronts on SuperRare. For the first time, curation (and commissions) will be opened to new voices chosen by the SuperRare community, and beyond the SuperRare Labs core team.
  • SuperRare DAO: A decentralized organization governed by $RARE holders and the SuperRare Governance Council tasked with overseeing SuperRare Spaces, the community treasury, and the platform’s future. The SuperRare Governance Council is a group of nominated community members that implement decisions based on the votes of $RARE token holders.
  • Sovereign Smart Contracts: Independent artists on SuperRare can now deploy custom smart contracts and import artworks minted elsewhere.



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