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A Halloween GIF & video story contest from ArtProject, Polkadot & SuperRare!

Calling all artists! #BleedingEdgeTech is a halloween horror video and GIF contest for the tech and art communities to showcase your skills and creatively engage with the tech brands that are changing our world for better or worse.

How to participate:

  • Option 1 (Video): Create an animated or live video (60 seconds or less) that tells a short horror story that includes a #BleedingEdgeTech brand (e.g. Kusama Network, Google, Ethereum, Uber, Binance, etc.).
  • Option 2 (GIF): Create a GIF that depicts a #BleedingEdgeTech brand with a spooky vibe.

Branding Guidelines:

The guest brand for this contest is the Kusama Network, but you can choose any other brand as well.

  1. Kusama Network: Download Kusama’s brand here. Use it as needed, but remember the branding is meant to be hacked so feel free to go wild with it! Whether your work becomes glitchy, techy, choppy, risky, dangerous, scary, gruesome, horrific or shocking, have fun with it and show us your creativity.
  2. Other Brands: You can also create a video or GIF about any other brand that makes your blood boil.


Start: October 25, 2019
End: All submissions are due at 00:00 UTC on November 6th, 2019.
Judging: Ends on November 13th and winners will be announced.


  1. Break the rules
  2. Be creative
  3. Submit as many videos or GIFs as you’d like (quality>quantity)
  4. Scare people
  5. NSFW or illegal content will be disqualified
  6. Refer to the official rules for all T&C

Twitter Submission Guidelines

Every eligible entry is required to enter their video or GIF on Twitter.

  1. Please use both hashtags #BleedingEdgeTech #SFBW19 in your submission tweet
  2. Make sure to tag two accounts on in your tweet: @kusamanetwork, and the account of the brand featured in your video (if you featured something other than Kusama Network)


“Warning: Disturbing material in my #BleedingEdgeTech entry feat. @Spotify. @kusamanetwork #SFBW18 [VIDEO or GIF HERE]


  1. Best short video (any brand): $666
  2. Best GIF (any brand): $666
  3. Best short video (Kusama Network’s brand): $666
  4. Best GIF (Kusama Network’s brand): $666
  5. Most retweeted video: $666
  6. Most retweeted GIF: $666

Judging Criteria:

All submissions will be judged on creativity, design, scariness (if you choose), humor (if you choose). All submissions are required to use the exact structure outlined above in “Submission Requirements” to be eligible for any prizes and must include a tech brand.

Judge Bios:

Jessica Angel:

Jessica Angel is a visual artist based in Brooklyn, NY interested in encouraging collaborations between artists and programmers inside her installations. Organizing events like the MakerSpace at ETHDenver and the Ethereal Summit, she proposes the use of blockchain technologies for the production and funding of art pieces. She recently joined the board of the Foundation for Art and Blockchain.

Currently Jessica is developing a public art project with the Vancouver International Biennale of Public Art for 2020 where she intends to bring the art and blockchain community to inhabit her installation as a platform for interaction and collaboration.

John Crain:

Entrepreneur, investor and art collector John Crain is the founder and CEO of SuperRare — a social network and marketplace for digital art collecting built on Ethereum. Before dedicating his time to SuperRare, John worked with ConsenSys and helped found their first successful spoke, BlockApps.

Justin Wu:

Growth marketer focused on building brands, content and community for blockchain companies. Highly experienced in growth from generating $3m on Kickstarter and launched SaaS startup to achieve $1m ARR within the first year.

I’m also a content creator in the growth-marketing space from blockchain professionals to growth marketers. I share my insights and have collaborated with The Wall Street Journal, CES, NASA and NASDAQ.

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