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In the interest of transparency, we are releasing this blog post to give the community clear insight into the difficult decision to break ties with one of our artists. We are nothing without our community and the terms of service that protect our artists and their creations. The digital art world is new and inherently controversial and our hope is that SuperRare provides a place for meaningful discussion around the eternal debate, “What is art?” However, we do not condone behaviors that go in direct conflict with our terms of service or harassment of any kind.

This weekend’s episode has shown us the importance of community guidelines to complement our terms of service. We want to understand how to balance the right to speech and freedom of expression while also maintaining a modicum of mutual respect as part of SuperRare. You can follow the entire saga below but the main message is that we are learning and are always looking to improve. If you have questions or concerns about our new code of conduct or our actions we look forward to hearing from you.

The artist Max Osiris recently created a piece entitled, “I10 I10 I10 [EDIT] LOVE” that included portions of a Hackatao piece, used without permission. When Hackatao brought this to our attention we followed our normal protocol. We reached out to Osiris through multiple channels with a request to pull the piece based on the fact that it violated our terms of service. He responded that he had no intention of removing the piece and went public with his statement.

To add additional background, earlier this year Osiris’ account was suspended due to a previous disagreement with our terms of service. We felt that as we did not have a procedure in place we would reinstate Osiris’ account on the agreement that he would not violate the terms again. Since rejoining SuperRare Osiris has made it abundantly clear with his actions above that he has no interest in being a respectful member of our community.

We want to be transparent with all of you as to why we decided to revoke his access. Although coming on the heels of it, this decision was in no way influenced by collector Whaleshark’s recent ultimatum, to which we did not comply. We do not wish to support personal agendas as part of our community management process. Below is the specific text from our terms of service, which everyone agrees to when using SuperRare.

Accepted contributors acknowledge and agree to create purely original content, only using imagery that is self-created or public domain with appropriate documentation.

Contributors agree not to create content that includes copyrighted or otherwise restricted or permissioned imagery, and acknowledge that their account and permission to contribute to SuperRare may be revoked if violated.

While these terms are subject to evolve and expand, particularly with the advent of remixes and collaborations, we feel an obligation to stand with our artists when their art is repurposed without consent. We are not taking a position against remixing, or arguing the merits of the specific artwork, or fair use in general. We are basing this decision on the fact that the work of another SuperRare artist was used against their will and without permission. Good faith and respect amongst SuperRare artists is vital to the growth and sustainability of the artist ecosystem.

Going forward, we believe a digital art marketplace like SuperRare should ultimately be owned and operated by the community. As the first step towards that, we’re building an advisory board made up of community members to advise and partner on resolution management and our overall strategy. We will be publishing more details on this in the coming days.

Again, this has taught us the power of meaningful guidelines for our community. We look to you to hold us accountable for clarity, fairness, and best practices. We appreciate your patience and feedback as we finalize this document. We feel it is very important for the health of the community going forward.

We love you all. Thank you for taking this journey with us– let’s work together to build the future we all want.



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