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From Michelangelo to the metaverse: the past, present and future of art markets

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The Origin of Art Markets

As early as the middle ages, art made for the sake of worship or didactic purposes was commissioned by religious and political leaders. Throughout the Italian Renaissance this form of patronage continued with artists such as Leonardo da Vinci creating murals like the “Last Supper” and Michelangelo painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

The Evolution of Galleries

Before the internet, galleries controlled the marketing and financial rails for art.

Limitations of Traditional Art Markets: Salvador Mundi

Salvador Mundi is a painting by Leonardo da Vinci with a fraught and fiercely contested history, underscoring some of the more intriguing machinations of the art market. Its precise date of execution is disputed, alongside its provenance. Indeed, it was first sold for 2005 for $1,175 supposedly not as a real da Vinci, and then resold in 2017 as the real deal for $450,312,500 — the current record price for any work sold at auction.

Lessons from History: Foreshadowing the Boom of NFTs

The traditional art system, sooner or later, ends up subsuming the artistic movements that wish to escape it. For example, the early Impressionists were received with disdain from the press and yet redefined the state of Western art. In the 1960s, Andy Warhol openly proclaimed his affinity for commercial success and making money, looking to promote his art and brand to the widest audience possible. While the “making money is the best art” maxim was ridiculed at the time, this self-commercialisation of his work became an integral part of art history and pop art as a movement.

Enter SuperRare

Built as a digital-first, 24/7 primary and secondary art market, SuperRare presents a new path forward.

What’s Next?

We are on the verge of creating the next generation of art markets.



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