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Product Update: Personalized Activity Feed + New Ways to Discover ⚡

Our brand new homepage puts the artists you follow front and center and makes it easier to stay up to date

Since day one our goal has been to empower digital artists with the tools to mint and sell their works as NFTs, and to enable collectors to discover, follow and support artists that inspire them. The Activity Feed has always been a core part of the SuperRare experience, providing a linear view of the story of the market unfolding in real time.

With the explosion of the NFT art market in 2021 and a wave of artist and collector growth, it has become challenging to keep up with the art, artists, and events most important to you amid so much activity.

To solve this, we are excited to introduce a completely redesigned homepage experience on SuperRare, developed with two goals in mind: to help you keep up to date with the artists and collectors you follow, and to make it easy to discover new artists and trends.

New homepage features:

We’ve brought the Activity Feed to the homepage, introduced a brand new personalized feed (‘Following’) based on who you follow and provided a tab so you can toggle between it or an algorithmically-curated feed (‘For You’), designed for discovery. When you’re logged into SuperRare, you no longer have to click around to other pages to see the latest activity and what is happening now– it’s right on your personalized homepage.

There are also several new homepage sections designed for discoverability:

Live Auctions — keep up with the top auctions on SuperRare at a glance

Featured Releases — discover newly minted artworks and follow artists our curators are tracking

From the Editorial — read the latest stories, interviews, and context around the CryptoArt market

Trending Artists & Collectors see who has been on the rise and active in the market in the past week

In tandem with personal notifications, the new homepage design makes it easier for you to discover new CryptoArt without missing out on activity from those you already follow, as our community rapidly grows. These tools will continue to empower both our artist and collector community — something we set out to do from the start.

This also represents a step towards our broader long-term vision for SuperRare — a large-scale, diverse ecosystem of CryptoArt, shaped by the artists, collectors, and curators who contribute to it. More on that soon in upcoming posts 💎

P.S: This release also marks the migration to our new .com domain — come join us!




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SuperRare Labs Team

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