SuperRare Weekly Update: April 10th, 2020

Latest updates from the SuperRare team & community

🎂 SuperRare 2nd Birthday in Cryptovoxels — 2 weeks from today!

Stay tuned next week for the announcement of the location & details of our upcoming virtual party on April 24th! We’ve decided on an outer space theme for the party, if any artists/creators want to help add cool details to the party setup hit up Zack at

💎 Product Updates

This week we released the following product updates:

  • Minimum Bid: There is now a new minimum bid setting that all users can set for artworks they own. Whether you’ve created the artworks or collected them, you can now set a minimum bid amount (in ETH) in your Settings and and any bids placed will have to be at least that amount.


Very excited to announce the upcoming drop from Matt Kane titled “Architects of the Future” — Launching exclusively on SuperRare next Thursday April 16th at 1pm.

🗞 The Collection of Basileus — SuperRare Journal Issue No. 4

This week we released the 4th edition of the SuperRare Journal, featuring the collection of Basileus. As one of the top collectors on SuperRare, his collection includes abstract animation, loop GIFs, 3D, VR, retro illustration, crypto icons, surreal architecture, and more. Basileus selected some of his favorite works (by TwistedVacancy, XCOPY, Coldie, TrevorJonesArt and Alotta_Money) and gave insights into why he collected each one.

“One thing I can express is how deeply I appreciate SuperRare for making this new art medium more accessible for all of us. As a collector, I am excited for more innovations that will allow me to enjoy my newfound passion for #cryptoart even more.”

🚀 5,000 Twitter Followers

Thank you to the entire SuperRare family for helping us to pass 5,000 Followers mark on Twitter earlier this week. Next stop? The 🌓.

🔥 “Art on Ethereum: A Beginner’s Guide to CryptoArt Platforms” by William Peaster

Huge thanks to William Peaster for including us in this great beginner’s guide to CryptoArt platforms, featured on DefiPrime. If you are new to the space or looking to learn more about the different platforms definitely take some time this weekend to give it a read.

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