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SuperRare Weekly Update: April 16th, 2021

Latest updates from the SuperRare team & community

🎙 SR Spotlight — Inside Krista Kim’s $500,000 NFT House

Thanks so much for everyone who contributed to the Season 2 premiere of Spotlight, where we caught up with Toronto SR artist Krista Kim to discuss her recent sale of the first ever NFT House. The 3D home titled “Mars House” sold on SuperRare for an astonishing 288 ETH valued at $512,712. Krista told us about her vision for a meditative dream home, the promise of digital zen, and the ways NFTs can lead to positive social change around the world.

🌟 Collector AMA N°6 ft. Colborn

This week, were excited to have Colborn join us for 24 hours on reddit for our 6th Collector AMA! Thank you to Colborn and everyone who is contributing to the great discussion! Be sure to catch the AMA before it ends tonight at 6PM, only on r/SuperRare.

💬 SR Community Discord Chat

Last Sunday, we were thankful to have Sam J, Cory Van Lew, and Gisel X Florez hosting a community Discord chat discussing the best promotion practices for independent artists in the digital realm. Thanks to everyone involved for such a great discussion! Be sure to join our Discord to listen in on the next one!

☄ ️SuperRare Perkins on Vulture

Please take some time this weekend to check out this amazing article by Matthew Schneier on Vulture, where SR Perkins talks about the CryptoArt Boom — Dispatches From the NFT Art Boom, The artists, collectors, and sellers betting big on the blockchain.

Traditionally, artists have been trained to depend on the gallery system to gain notoriety or to promote our careers, but on a platform like SuperRare, you can reach the collectors directly and create an immediate relationship.

⚡️ Simon Denny feature on Ocula Magazine

Congrats to Simon Denny for minting his first ever NFT piece, and for his feature on Ocula Magazine! Check out the article here!

💫 Blake Jamieson feature on CNBC

If you didn’t yet check it out, take some time this weekend to read this CNBC feature on SR artist Blake Jamieson! — This 36-year-old Brooklyn artist made over $46,000 in six weeks selling NFTs

💥 SuperRare Mention on CNBC

We are honored to be mentioned in CNBC’s write up on the NFT sales this quarter. We were excited to learn that there were nearly 150,000 active wallets in the first quarter — more than 1.5 times the number from a year ago! The future of CryptoArt is here!

Despite the recent price drops from the February highs, said the average price of NFTs “increased significantly” during the quarter, with a work of art on SuperRare selling for an average of $1,231 in the fourth quarter, and $6,585 in the first quarter on the secondary market.

📈 NonFungibles Weekly DAPP Rankings

Thanks so much to NonFungibles for including us in their Weekly DAPP Rankings, keep up the good work SR!

🔥 From the Editorial

Editorial is open for submissions: “Weekly Top 10 Picks” can be contributed by anyone in the SR community. This week, the following articles were featured in the SuperRare Editorial:

New Artists On SuperRare


Nicolas Sassoon and Rick Silva meld optical art with moving digital images

Mark Titchner: We only need desire

Divine Desire: Alphachanneling’s Ecstatic Sexual Playground

Jesse Kanda: Vulnerability is essential for connection and creativity

Wizard Skull: Fries and Cats

Tangible Data @ Art Mûr Gallery

Top 10 Picks by MaryAnn Ead: Abstractions and Non-figurative

5 Questions with Nacho Frades

Jen Stark x SuperRare Genesis Drop: “Mandala”

Mosaic Tetris by PosterLad

Thinking About Getting Into 3D: A virtual performance by Sam Cannon

TIME — History Repeats Itself

The NFT Community: Mass Collaboration of Hands

THISSET: From neon puddles to futuristic cyborgs

Cina: Art, Abstraction, Design


Wheel of Fortune


The Future Starts Slow

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