SuperRare Weekly Update: April 17th, 2020

Latest updates from the SuperRare team & community

🎂 SuperRare 2nd Birthday in Cryptovoxels — 1 week away!

See you next Friday at the SuperRare birthday bash in ! Huge thanks to all of the artists and creators who have been helping us to get the space looking great, we’re really looking forward to partying with all of you. Check out the .

We are also extremely excited to be partnering with collector Jason Bailey to kick off a special auction during the party, that we’re calling the Artist Stimulus Package – 100% of proceeds from the auction will be distributed amongst ALL SuperRare artists, to help during the COVID-19 crisis which has hit artists especially hard.

Jason, the first collector on SuperRare, has generously donated one of the most iconic and valuable works in his collection: , by .

Get your best spaced themed cryptovoxels wearables ready and get excited. We PARTY in 7 days!

💎 Product Updates

This week we released the following product updates:

  • Double-click for fullscreen video
  • Enlarged image & GIF artworks can no longer get cropped, even for wide artworks
  • Fixed slight miscalculation in file size when uploading artworks & thumbnails

The team has also been working hard this week to add additional artist and collector stats to profile pages and leaderboards, which we plan to continue improving upon and plan to release soon.

🗞 Frenetik Void— SuperRare Journal Issue №5

This week we released the , featuring . His work unfolds in a science-fiction environment, a post-human universe inhabited by mutating beings, hybrids in which limits are vanished. The suspended bodies in liquid natures build scenes of surrealistic airs. But if there is something that remains as a constant, it is the presence of humanoids that, as symbolic figures, represent multiple behaviors.

“As digital technologies change the definition of what it means to be human, the relationship between physical presence, virtual identity and digital corporeality becomes more diffuse.”

💥 Matt Kane Drops “Architects of the Future”

This week dropped his latest single-edition artwork on SuperRare titled .

“I made this work to commemorate the return of SuperRare’s 10% royalty on secondary sales and the community led movement toward adopting 10% as a minimum across the industry’s smart contracts. It is a love letter to the builders, collectors, and artists in the space who bravely answer Buckminster Fuller’s calling to be architects of the future, not its victims.

On a personal note, I was first introduced to some of Fuller’s ideas 6 years ago. They were instrumental in providing backbone to the life-changing choices I was already committing myself to at the time.”

- @MattKane

🔥 April Edition — NFT Proof-of-Work by Andrew Steinwold

Thanks again to for including us in the of his ongoing monthly NFT Proof-of-Work series!

The following updates from SuperRare were included this month:

  • SuperRare turned two on April 2nd with the anniversary of its beta Mainnet launch! Stay tuned for deets on our birthday bash in Cryptovoxels on Friday, April 24th!
  • an early piece on SuperRare which originally sold for 0.1 ETH was resold for 15.0ETH, 150X the original purchase price. This net the Coldie more in royalties than the original purchase price!
  • After lots of discussions, the community voted to increase the artist royalty payment from 3% to 10% in the secondary market. Additional UX updates include the ability to set a minimum bid, double-click for fullscreen video and updated search layout and optimized search algorithm

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