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SuperRare Weekly Update: December 4th, 2020

Latest updates from the SuperRare team & community

This week, the following articles were featured in the SuperRare editorial:

SuperRare Art Market Weekly Report

Top 10 Picks by The Ostal Project

Weekly Top 10 Picks by an

Top 10 Picks by record

Fakito: Argentinian Gen-Z by Crypto_Northerner

SuperRare x Joanie Lemercier by Joanie Lemercier

2084: (Fantastic) Intermezzo of a Contemporary Witness by PR1MAL CYPHER

New Artists On SuperRare

Top 10 Picks by Tommy Wilson

This week we were excited to announce SuperRare Auction Week Dec 7–11!

5 days, 16 timed auctions

Featuring: FEWOCIOUS, Coldie, JENISU, Cool3DWorld, Matt Kane, FrenetikVoid, BLACKSNEAKERS, Android Jones, TwistedVacancy, Alessio De Vecchi, Fabio Giampietro, Museum of Crypto, Hackatao & Pak.

The following week multiple new timed auction features will launch to all artists and collectors on SuperRare.

Take some time this weekend to watch the latest episode of 10 Questions in 10 Minutes featuring Anne Spalter hosted by MoCDA in partnership with SuperRare.

Last Tuesday with artist itsparott we covered the following topics:
• From marketing music to selling art
• Creating “The Initiation”
• From arts to “cryptoart”
• Why community matters
• Learning from the great @fewocious

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