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SuperRare Weekly Update: July 10th, 2020

Latest updates from the SuperRare team & community

💎 Leaderboard Updates

This week we released upgraded artist and collector leaderboards:

  • New stats to give more context around average sale prices, as well as secondary market data
  • Select USD or ETH values. (For USD, it’s the historic value at the time of the transaction)
  • View by Day, Week, Month, Year or All-Time
  • Sort the list by any data point

Take some time this weekend to check them out:

  • Artist Leaderboard
  • Collector Leaderboard

🔥 From the Editorial

This week the following articles were featured in the SuperRare editorial:

Artist Spotlight: Mushbuh by Mushbuh

Exclusive Interview with Espen Kluge by Kate Vass

SuperRare Art Market Weekly Report by An Rong

An Interview with SwS (Pirate Sheep & Flufflord) by a Computer by a Computer, obviously

💎 The March to $1M Earned by Artists — Contest/Giveaway

Huge congrats once again to the entire SuperRare family for officially passing the $1M earned by artists mark on July 3rd, at 5:30pm EST. As part of the race to this milestone we asked the community to submit their guesses for the exact date and time we’d pass the mark. Big congrats to Metageist, who guessed within 1 hour and 57 minutes of the correct time.

For winning, Metageist got to choose any artwork from the SuperRare Collection for free. His selection was Liminal Life by TheSarahShow!

🚀 Dapp Radar — Dapp of the Week

Big thanks to Dapp Radar for selecting SuperRare as this week’s Dapp of the Week! Check out the full article HERE.

💥 Jivinci SuperRare Art Featured at Ethereal

If you’ll be attending the next Ethereal Sessions on July 16th, make sure to look out for Jivinci’s SR piece Ethereal Horizon which will be featured between the live stream sessions.

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