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SuperRare Weekly Update: July 31st, 2020

Latest updates from the SuperRare team & community

This week, the following articles were featured in the SuperRare editorial:

SuperRare Art Market Weekly Report by An Rong

Interview with Collector: Cao Yin by Cao Armand

Meet the Artist: Damjanski and The Act of Erasure by Serena Tabacchi

Cryptographic Hashing and Why Your Tokenized Art Collection is Worthless Without It by Conlan

How an Idea was Born and Changed During the Creative Process by Fabiano Speziari

The Complacency of CryptoArt by Dada

This week we were thrilled to announce that Decentraland has officially integrated our smart contract into their marketplace so that users can now purchase SuperRare artworks directly in VR using MANA. When a Decentraland user buys an artwork using MANA it’s automatically converted to ETH for the seller, and since our smart contract was incorporated, secondary sale royalties will be honored.

Please note: only artworks with a “Buy Now” list price can be purchased.

Check out the official announcement HERE.

Take some time this weekend to read Artistry in the Age of GPT-3 by Simon de la Rouviere. Towards the end of the article Simon gives a call out to the recent sale of Alpha by Pak (purchased by MOCA).

“I love conceptual art, and this example of Pak, selling a transparent pixel for $15k is *great*. Pak, for those that don’t know, is behind the famous Archillect bot. I do understand that it *angers* and frustrates more traditional artists, but I love conceptual art its purpose in creating a unique feeling. That confusion, anger, that jarred liminality is part of its purpose. I enjoy it.”

Big congrats to the SuperRare community for another record breaking week of sales, taking the #1 spot for USD Traded and the #2 spot for USD Sales on the weekly dapp rankings.

Take some time this weekend to read Decentraland Adds SuperRare to its Marketplace by Robert Hoogendoorn. We couldn’t be more exited about this integration and we really appreciate the feature.

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