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SuperRare Weekly Update: June 19th, 2020

Latest updates from the SuperRare team & community

This week the following articles were featured in the SuperRare editorial:

The History of Digital Art for Crypto Explorers by Crysalis

An Interview With Artist Manolo Gamboa Naon by Jason Bailey

SuperRare Art Market Weekly Report by An Rong

We are very excited to announce the launch of the new SuperRare Museum in Decentraland! Join us this Saturday, June 20 from 8pm-10pm UTC for our opening exhibition CRYPTOPOP — featuring works from Bronwyn Lundberg, Bryan Brinkman, Fabiano Speziari, Hackatao, JENISU, MissAlSimpson, Obxium, Sven Eberwein and Twisted Vacancy!

Today at 11am EST SuperRare CEO John Crain will be joining other NFT & CryptoArt leaders like Opensea, Mintbase, Dada, Cryptovoxels, Jason Bailey and others for the panel THE EVOLUTION OF BLOCKCHAIN COLLECTIBLES: PUSHING NEW FRONTIERS FOR DIGITAL ART THROUGH NFTs.

Here’s a LINK to more details.

Congrats the 💎 fam for another amazing week! We were very excited to see SuperRare top the weekly charts this week on both and Opensea. Thank you to all of the amazing artists and forward thinking collectors that continue to push this art revolution to new heights!

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