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SuperRare Weekly Update: March 26th, 2021

Latest updates from the SuperRare team & community

🚀 Artnet On The Lost Robbies

Take some time this weekend to read about the Lost Robbies on Thank you so much to Elliot Safra for the write up! Check it out here:

🌟 Cheddar On CryptoArt Platforms

Thank you to Cheddar and Alex Vuocolo for mentioning SR in their article about the recent media boom of NFTs and CryptoArt Platforms!

Crain of SuperRare is banking on a similarly turbulent near-future. “Moving forward, we’re going to have a number of booms and busts, but long-term I’m very confident that more and more people will start to collect,” he said.

Check out the article here:

💥 Highsnobiety On The Lost Robbies

Thank you to Highsnobiety and Isabelle Hore-Thorburn for doing a piece about the Lost Robbies! Check out the article to learn more.

💎 Milestones This Week

HUGE congrats to XCOPYART who broke the All-Time sale record on SR this week! The piece “Death Dip” was sold by Jmahh to Punk4156 for 1000 ETH ($1.73M USD)! Check out the piece here:

📈 NonFungibles Weekly DAPP Rankings

Thanks so much to NonFungibles and for including us in their Weekly DAPP Rankings this week!

🔥 From the Editorial

Editorial is open for submissions: “Weekly Top 10 Picks” can be contributed by anyone in the SR community. This week, the following articles were featured in the SuperRare Editorial:


GRIF presents: The Equinox Collection


When Is Men’s History Month?

AES+F: Surreal Visions

Rico Nasty x Don Allen III: OHFR NFT Drop


Ahmed Emad Eldin: Thoughts and Feelings

SuperRare Art Market Weekly Report

Vhils: Explosion at Times of Digital Turmoil

SuperRare Secondary Market Weekly Report

Alberto Carbonell: Constructing and (De)Constructing Calder


The Wild Within

Bridging the Gap between Technology and Poetry: The Transparency Collection


Welcome to the Lumps: A surrealist land created by illustrator Sam Drew

Weekly Top 10 Picks by @John__

Balkan Bump: The Winner is…

Vinicius Costa Whimsical Worlds

Danny Stern: // 2020 FORESIGHT //

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