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SuperRare Weekly Update: May 15th, 2020

Latest updates from the SuperRare team & community

Our community lost an incredible artist, friend, and supportive voice with the passing of Matthew Taylor (Rhyolight) last week. Many of us got to know him well during his few short months as an artist on SuperRare, but not well enough. It is deeply saddening to say goodbye so early. It is incredible that even in a short period of time, Matt made a significant impact with his unique artistic style and made strong connections with many people in the community.

Take some time this weekend to read our post In Memory of Mathew Taylor, featuring stories and notes from other SuperRare community members that knew and loved him.

This week SR artist MattiaC released his latest single-edition artwork on SuperRare titled Generated #30 Second Iteration — Animated.

Auction Details:

  • Reserve Price: Blind reserve for 1 day, announced today (Friday)
  • Auction Style: Once reserve it reached, 24 hour ‘Coldie Method’ until highest bid stands for 24 hours.

“Generated artwork series is the result of the Covid-19 lockdown. I was unable to use my usual tools so I decided to give a try. I fed the AI with my own xeroart and rubberstamp artworks and the results were pretty amazing. All of the materials assembled — mandalas, squares and hexagonal shapes, both static and animated — are now my main production.”


This week we released the 10th edition of the SuperRare Journal, featuring the collection of Brett Shear.

“The dapp space was tiny back in 2017 and being a startup founder in the space I was selling product to all of them. I came across SuperRare around that time and understood the 1 of 1 and images being on IPFS concept immediately. And I saw the themes of the artists representing the underlying ideologies of crypto and why we all got into it. Huge shout out to Coldie for being the first artist that hooked me into it. Since then I have built galleries and exhibitions to display the work, and have successfully resold some of my artworks to other collectors.”

-Brett Shear

Huge congrats to artist duo Hackatao and collector Ethsquiat for having the biggest sale of the week after selling I’ve got the power to Moderats for 45 ETH ($9,000).

The history of this artwork shows the true POWER of #CryptoArt.

It’s exchanged hands 3 times now:

- About a year ago BlockchainBrett 1st collected the work for 1.5ETH ($403).

- 3 months ago it resold to Ethsquiat for 5.25 ETH ($1,135). A 181% profit for BlockchainBrett and $113 Royalty for Hackatao.

- This weekend it resold to Moderats for 45 ETH ($9,019). A 694% profit in only 3 months for Ethsquiat, and a $900+ royalty for Hackatao.

When an artist receives a royalty worth more than 2X the original sale price you know something amazing is happening. Congrats to ALL!

Thanks again to Andrew Steinwold for including us in the May Edition of NFT Proof-Of-Work. This months SuperRare updates included:

  1. I’ve got the power by artist duo Hackatao resold for the third time at a price of 45 ETH. This earned the artists 2X what they originally sold the art for in royalties. Cent post here.
  2. Nonstop events with John on a panel at Ready Layer One: Issuance, Liquidity, and Growth. Jonathan Perkins speaking at RareAF, and a charity auction during Ethereal with proceeds supporting the Gitcoin Covid-19 CLR.
  3. As always Charles has been shipping over time with tons of product updates in the works including:
  • New browser notifications for being outbid, receiving royalties, and making sales
  • Improved marketplace navigation and layouts for artworks
  • Updated improved stats and leaderboards
  • Beta launch of the SuperRare API. If you have any ideas or what early access please reach out in the Discord.

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