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SuperRare Weekly Update: May 29th, 2020

Latest updates from the SuperRare team & community

This week SR artist Osinachi released his latest two single-edition artwork on SuperRare titled Green Bottle and Child of the Spirits.

Auction Details:

  • Reserve Price: Blind reserve for 1 day, announced today (Friday)
  • Auction Style: Once reserve it reached, 24 hour ‘Coldie Method’ until highest bid stands for 24 hours.

Osinachi is a reminder of what art and artists can be for us all when they are performing at their best and fulfilling their most important function within our increasingly global culture.”

- Jason Bailey, founder, Artnome

Thanks again to Andrew Steinwold for including us in the Zima Red May Proof-of-Work (Art Edition)!

Sales included from SuperRare:

If you didn’t get a chance to catch the latest episode of Josie Bellini’s Behind the Art featuring artist duo Hackatao, definitely take some time this weekend to check it out! It was great hearing the story around the duo’s origins, everyday life and #cryptoart beginnings on SuperRare from Eleonora Brizi. It was also amazing to see tons of behind the scenes video from the Hackatao studio in Italy and hear about all of their exciting upcoming drops.

Here’s a link to the episode!

  • Record Sales Month: This week we were incredibly excited to announce that May 2020 was SuperRare’s highest ever month of sales volume since launching over 2 years ago. HUGE congrats and thank you to all of the artists and collectors making this art revolution a reality! As of the time of this writing we’ve just passed $154,000 total sales volume for May (with 3 days left in the month!)
  • SuperRare Stats Survey: We’re working on features that highlight the creations, contributions, and activity of artists and collectors on SuperRare. If you have a few minutes to spare, we’d really appreciate your input below, so that we can best prioritize our work around the features you’d find most valuable. (Please submit by end of day Monday, June 1). LINK to survey.

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