SuperRare Weekly Update: May 9th, 2019

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2 min readMay 9, 2019

👋 SuperRare at NYC Blockchain Week

We’re getting psyched for Blockchain Week– if you’re going to be in the city next week, give us a shout! We’ll be attending Consensus and some other industry events, and we’re participating in a panel on NFTs on the 16th.

Come hang with us at RareAF2

🎉 The Rare A.F. is Back!

The event we’re MOST excited for next week is obviously the 2nd Rare Digital Art Festival, at the Bushwick Generator on the 18th. Can’t wait to hang with all of our CryptoArt friends! We’ll also be contributing to a discussion on Building Collaborative Markets, moderated by our friend Michael Lee from Creative Crypto.

💚 Read our CADAF Recap

The event put on by Elena and the team at New Art Academy last weekend was fantastic. Zack wrote a recap about all the art + tech goodness that happened:

🔥 Welcome to New Artist Matt Kane

Matt’s approach to art and technology is unique and refreshing, and we’re really excited to have him on SuperRare. In his own words:

I designed my custom software to leverage algorithms with my own human input. I build paintings layer by layer, making design choices through how the algorithms I’ve written should interact.

⛓ Engineering Spotlight: Ethereum Node Upgrades

Earlier this week, SuperRare’s archival Ethereum node (a node that maintains full state back to the genesis block) experienced significant lag while syncing with the network. Luckily the solution was simple. Our node was slowed due to the size of the state trie (pronounced tree) and our machine was running out of memory and couldn’t move forward, attempting to process the same block repeatedly. By increasing the machine’s allocated memory it fully synced to the chain head in a matter of seconds rather than minutes.

😎 The Virus is Spreading! Community Shoutout of the Week:

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