SuperRare Weekly Update: November 8th, 2019

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4 min readNov 8, 2019


🏆 Artist Matt Kane Breaks All-Time Sale Record!

This week SR artist Matt Kane broke the all-time SuperRare sale record when he sold his piece “One of Us — Variation 1” to collector Conlan for 7.75 ETH (about $1,442 at today’s prices). It was no easy task winning this piece, as Conlan had to battle against 5 other collectors (and 39 prior bids over 6 days) to take it home.

Conlan has now placed the artwork for everyone to see in the Reflection Room at The Rubix (cryptovoxels). Take some time this weekend to check out this amazing piece in VR!

Check out the rest of Conlan’s A+ SuperRare collection HERE

🖼 SR Artist Max Osiris Launches LA CryptoArt Exhibition

Huge props to SR artist Osiris for organizing an incredible CryptoArt exhibition in Los Angeles tomorrow (November 9th) at the InnerSpace Gallery (110 Winston St, Downtown Los Angeles). The event will feature works from digital artists around the world, many of whom have digital works on SuperRare.

Some of the SR artists included in the show:

For more info and tickets head to

💥 Cent + Cryptovoxels Virtual World Art Tour

The first ever VR tour of Centian artist Cryptovoxels galleries happened this week featuring 30+ artist galleries (many of which are also SuperRare artists) that were linked together through Cryptovoxels. Using this guidebook you can visit them all and see some amazing digital art.

The map below shows the recommended route:

In order to navigate between galleries, a clever system of teleports has been created. Simply look for the teleport when you are ready to depart and click on the orange button to be whisked away to a new destination. This will take you to the next destination in this guide book. The image below shows an example of the portal; remember to keep your eyes peeled for them.

Big props to everyone who made this tour happen! It’s no easy feat, and these types of initiatives help the entire CryptoArt industry.

🎧 Using Art to Bridge The Bitcoin Gap w/ Coldie

Make sure to take some time this weekend to listen to the latest episode of the “Stache My Crypto” podcast, featuring one of the most prominent artists on SuperRare.

In the episode Coldie talks about creating art in a production environment versus expressing your freedom, how art plays a vital role in the story Bitcoin and all things 3D/VR.

💎 SuperRare Artwork Sentiment Analysis by Hex0x6c

Artist Hex0x6c has been spending time recently analyzing SuperRare data and released this week a sentiment analysis of the main emotions expressed across all SR artworks to date. The graph is super interesting, showing that the sentiments joy, trust and anticipation lead the emotive spectrum.

Check out the chart below:

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