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SuperRare Weekly Update: October 16th, 2020

Latest updates from the SuperRare team & community

🔥 From the Editorial

This week, the following articles were featured in the SuperRare Editorial:

New Artists on SuperRare by SuperRare

Overlap: Audiovisual Landscapes by Overlap

Weekly Top 10 Picks — ZICO by ZICO

Weekly Top 10 Picks — record by record

Weekly Top 10 Picks — An by An Loremi

SuperRare Art Market Weekly Report by SuperRare

LIA: Adam and Eve by Lia


Waffles by Ambiguous

🙌 SuperRare featured on!

Take some time this weekend to read How SuperRare Uses Ethereum To Make A Market For Art on Big thanks to Renato Capelj for the write up, featuring SuperRare CPO Jonathan Perkins.

🔥 Weekly Dapp Rankings

Big thanks to the SuperRare Fam for another epic week! On this week’s weekly dapp rankings we ranked:

  • 1st Place — Total USD Traded
  • 2nd Place — Total USD Sales
  • 5th Place — TX Volume/Sales
  • 5th Place — Total Sellers & Buyers

💎 Twitter & Instagram Growth!

It’s been a big week for our social media channels! This week we announced that we had passed 15K Followers on Twitter and 12K Followers on Instagram!

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At SuperRare we’re building a social, creative economy on Ethereum.

The future of the CryptoArt market — a network owned & governed by artists, collectors and curators

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SuperRare Labs Team

SuperRare Labs Team

The future of the CryptoArt market — a network governed by artists, collectors and curators 💎

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