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SuperRare Weekly Update: September 11th, 2020

Latest updates from the SuperRare team & community

We released an update that lets you take actions on artworks you own, directly from the artwork card found in the marketplace and your collection page. You can set/update/remove list prices, accept bids, transfer works, and soon… configure timed auctions 👀

This puts all actions in a single place, and eliminates the need to click into an artwork to take actions

Let us know what you think!

The first ever SuperRare Generative & AI Art Week took place this week, featuring articles, interviews, studio visits, panels and multimedia projects from over 20 generative & AI artists.

Featuring Bardionson, Danoramas, K0ch, Harshitrnnh, YuraMiron, StudioNouveau, Pindar, Luxpris, Falco, Kate Vass, Dark Fractures, Sofia Crespo, Espen Kluge, Artnome, Helena Sarin, Brandi Kyle, David Young, Anne Spalter, Anna Ridler, Artboffin and more!

Check out some of the panels below:

Also make sure to take some time to walk through the Decentraland Exhibit!

It was an exciting week filled with all things Generative & AI Art! Take some time this weekend to read the latest articles featured in the SuperRare editorial:

KVG In Conversation with Dark Fractures and Sofia Crespo by Kate Vass Galerie

Panel Conversation on Artistic Process in Generative Art by Artnome

SuperRare Art Market Weekly Report by An Rong

SuperRare Generative & AI Art Week by An Rong


KVG Interview with Dark Fractures by Kate Vass Galerie

An Interview with Josh Katzenmeyer: The Artist that Walks in an Abstract Landscape by K0ch

Generative Art Tools by Yuramiron

The Creation of an Artificial Artist by Pindar

Daniel Ambrosi: In Conversation With Serena Tabacchi by Mocda

An Introduction to Artist Helena Sarin by Artnome

The Best Wrongs: Deconstructing the M87 Black Hole by Matt Kane

KVG Virtual Artist Studio Visit: Meet & Greet David Young by Kate Vass Galerie

Generative Art Week: Panel Conversation with 4 Female Artists by Kate Vass Galerie

An Intercontinental Conversation between Falco, Harshitrnnh and Pindar by Pedro Falco

Is Creativity Just a Bunch of Simple Algorithms Competing with One Another? by Pindar

An Interview with Place of Many by Pindar

Introducing Sofia Crespo: Virtual Artist Studio Visit by Ambiguous

KVG Exclusive Interview with Espen Kluge by Kate Vass Galerie

Cryptowave: Sculptures and Music by Studio Nouveau by Studio Nouveau

K0ch: Corvus Project by K0ch

The Hybrid Generative Art of Studio Nouveau by Studio Nouveau

An Interview with K0ch: The Algorithmic Artist Lost in a Recursive Loop by Luxpris

How I Taught My Creative Process to Robotic Arms by Pindar

Situating Artificial Intelligence in Traditional Visual Cultures by Harshit Agrawal

Daniel Ambrosi: Dreamscapes by Daniel Ambrosi

Fine Art and the Unseen Hand by Daniel Ambrosi

INSOMNIA: A Nocturnal CryptoArt Journey by K0ch

Check out some of the first ever 💎’s from new artists in the New Artists On SuperRare report!


If you didn’t get a chance to catch yesterday’s panel NFT Collecting: Investment vs Scarcity, here’s a link to watch this weekend. Big thanks to Blockchain Game Alliance for including us, Zack had a blast chatting with other panelists Barthazian, Beatriz Ramos and Joe Chiappetta.

We‘re excited to be growing our team and currently hiring a new Community Manager for SuperRare. Here is the job posting if anyone is interested in checking it out, or if you know someone great, we’d appreciate you passing it along!

This week we ran a 48 hour collector contest starting at 12:27pm EST Wednesday and ending today at 12:27pm. We decided to select 3 winners who each get to select ANY artwork from the SuperRare Collection for FREE!

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