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SuperRare Weekly Update: September 20th, 2019

Latest updates from the SuperRare team & community

💥 Mattia Cuttini / Rubber Stamp Artworks — Exhibition

Congrats to SR artist Mattia Cuttini on his upcoming solo exhibition of rubber stamp artworks (Sep. 27 — Oct. 12) at Kobo Shop (Via Palladio 7 / Udine / Italy).

Photo by Irene Beltrame / Brodo Studio

Note from the artist: I’m Mattia Cuttini, since 1979 I’ve observed the world with curiosity.

I studied electronics and have worked in the sector for 10 years. Out of necessity I reinvented myself as a web and graphic designer. Musician since forever, for the last decade I explored visual and performance arts and it is from these last experiences that I realized my research is a matter of layers, of overlapping interventions.

Obsessed with samples (both audio and paper ones) I use them in strange ways: I like molding the artificial into something natural and distort and transform the natural into something artificial. My works, both music and visual art, are the result of a sequence of interventions that vary in complexity: studying the different layers that underlay my creation is what simulates me to continue and research.

👀 2 Days Left to Enter This Week’s Collector Lottery

Only 2 days left to get entered into this week’s collector lottery for a chance to win ANY artwork of your choice from the SuperRare Collection. Every 0.25ETH spent on new art by this Sunday 4pm EST gets you an entry into the lottery spin. There are currently 28 amazing artworks up for grabs from some of the most prominent artists on SuperRare.

📊”Performance and Success in CryptoArt” by Massimo Franceschet

In his latest paper “Performance Success in CryptoArt”, SR artist Massimo Franceschet is looking to test whether there is an association between performance and success, using the SuperRare Gallery as a case study.

“There are several signs that quantify the success of an artwork: how many times it has been sold, its average selling price, the number and average value of bids it has received, the number of likes and views it collected in the gallery. On the contrary, it is difficult if not impossible to quantify the performance, i.e. the intrinsic quality of a work of art. One possibility is to refer to curators, experts in digital art, who can select a work for its value regardless of the success and popularity of the work. Once we have the experts’ evaluations, we can statistically compare them with the data on success, and understand if there is a significative correlation between performance and success in crypto art.”

If you are interested in participating in this experiment, consider the following scenario — Planet Earth is close to destruction (no one knows the real reason). It was decided to save the best contributions of mankind in every field and send them to the outer space. Even crypto art will have its small place in the space ship that will leave soon Earth. You have the honor of being selected as an expert in the field to answer the following important question:

Which of the works present today in the SuperRare gallery would you save?

Here are the game rules:

  • browse the artworks published on gallery SuperRare before 15th September 2019 (see the market here;
  • evaluate the artworks regardless of their success (i.e. if they have been sold, if they have had offers, if they have been appreciated and visualized by others);
  • choose how many artworks you want, but we suggest at least 10;
  • for each piece selected, send us the link of the work you get by clicking on it in the gallery (for example,-bone,-blood-4295) and a brief motivation for your choice.

🗞 Interview with CryptoArt Magazine!

This week SuperRare was featured in an article by CryptoArt Magazine (via PUBLIQNetwork). The article included an interview across a range of topics from the history and story behind SuperRare, to the team’s overarching views on digital collectibles and CryptoArt, to where we see the future of this market heading.

Check out the article in English HERE

Check out the article in Spanish HERE

🖼 Joe Chiappetta: The World’s Fair of Online Art

This weekend take a few minutes to read the latest blog post by SR artist Joe Chiappetta, The Worlds Fair of Online Art. In the post Chiappetta discusses his belief that virtual reality is a main key to achieving mass adoption and large scale collector interest for the digital art world.

“Digital Art Needs a Multidimensional Digital World. When virtual reality (VR) becomes user-friendly, affordable, with universal technical standards integrated from gallery to gallery, the art-loving world could see a revival more influential even than the Italian Renaissance.”

Check out all of Joe Chiappetta’s single edition SuperRares HERE

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