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Supertanker is an independent creative strategy agency in Oslo. We create competitive strength by adding creativity to strategic thinking and product development.

We believe that creativity is one of the strongest competitive advantages a company can have in the face of new competitors and business models.

Research shows that 84% of the managers in Western companies agree with us, and that they are not satisfied with their own company innovative performance. So, why don´t they build a creative culture from inside their organisation? One reason is that creativity is risky and difficult to understand. Creativity diverts from traditional and rational strategic thinking.

This is why Supertanker uses both a rational and creative approach to strategy and product development. We use creativity to find genuine ideas, and rationality to determine what we can bring to the market. We help our customers with strategy development and processes, tools, workshop, training and execution. Our clients are mainly large companies in the Nordics.

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Supertanker is member of the French-Norwegian chamber of commerce.