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We are Motive!

Supervaisor has been acquired by Motive.

It’s my pleasure to announce that after 3 years of building technology to make streets safer with AI and computer vision we have found the perfect partner to help scale the impact of our work. Supervaisor OÜ has been acquired by Motive Technologies, Inc.

Motive builds technology that connects and automates physical operations to transform the safety, productivity and profitability for the businesses that power the physical economy.

With Motive’s more than 700,000 vehicles and assets on the road and the state of the art AI Dashcams on the market, the opportunity to improve vehicle safety really is at a different level and we are super excited to start contributing to our new and expanded mission. Financial details of the transaction are not disclosed.

Zipping up the Supervaisor phase!

As part of the transaction, the core team of Supervaisor will be joining the Motive Safety & Compliance Team. Additionally, we’ve shut down all our crowdsourced data capture in the EU and are winding down our apps from the stores with our renewed focus on Motive products and markets.

This is a huge milestone for us and I want to sincerely thank everyone who has contributed to our mission.

Yours truly,

Silver Keskküla

P.s. This is a good time to check out career opportunities at Motive and reach out to us for opportunities in Tallinn, Estonia and remote.




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Silver Keskkula

Silver Keskkula

ceo @Supervaisor_com, co-founder of @Teleportinc, first researcher of Skype core team, Lived in 11 countries

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