Blind-spots in Construction Project Management

Project Management Triangle or The Iron Triangle

It is a well established principle that for successful delivery of the project it is important to manage the three pillars of project management - Time, Cost & Quality.

Consequently, Owners and Managers identify tools that support their organization in managing these pillars efficiently. While it cannot be challenged that these tools help formalize processes for construction companies, there is little impact that these tools bring for successful delivery of projects. That is because most people and even most tools, fail to factor in the connectedness of Time, Cost & Quality. Compared to other project-based industries, connectedness of Time, Cost & Quality is more severe in Construction. For instance, the luxury to improve quality after delivery of the project is not available in construction projects. Managing Time, Cost & Quality in an integrated manner in real-time is absolutely vital for construction projects.

The Easier it is to Quantify, The Less it’s Worth — Seth Godin

Yes, the viability of a project is ultimately a factor of Cost and most ERPs/Tools focus on helping companies control costs, but in isolation. The failure to quantify the impact of the other two aspects (Time & Quality), on Cost, leaves Blind-spots that ultimately decide the fate of the project.

The role of technology cannot be merely to formalizing processes for project management, technology should be able to identify and highlight that what is not obvious to the stakeholders, The Blind-spots

The Blind spots in The Iron Triangle

Consider this modified Project Management Triangle that better helps visualize the connectedness of the three aspects. Blind-spots are the areas where Time, Cost & Quality overlap each other. Below is a 5-point Checklist that will help you identify Blind-spots in your projects.

The Blind-spot Checklist

If these critical aspects of your project, in spite of having implement enterprise software in your organization, are individual-dependent then they become Blind-spots in your projects. The efforts of owners and manager should be towards creating a system-driven 360° project management process in their organization.

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