Vesa & SuperWorld Present “LUXOR” in 3D Augmented Reality

An NFT drop for the ages has arrived in the Metaverse

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Since the dawn of humanity, we have sought a greater understanding of our place in the cosmos. We’ve raised our heads (or telescopes) to the stars and marveled at their beauty–certain that somewhere in all that sparkling grandeur lies answers to what, who, where and how we are. We have yet to discover the answers, and we may never–perhaps that is the point. We have, however, discovered some tantalizing questions. These ancient questions of identity manifest themselves in the form of art. Art is what we ask of the stars. From ancient symbols carved into rock, to La Pieta and Picasso, and on through the present, the answers continue to elude us. But we are sustained by the creativity of our questions.

On June 21st — the Summer Solstice — Vesa and SuperWorld launched LUXOR, a groundbreaking NFT drop that uses an interactive 3D representation of the ancient Luxor temple in Egypt as an AR/VR exhibition space for dozens of amazing pieces of Vesa’s art. Never before has our ancient spirit of creativity aligned with our present technology in such a profound way as to, literally, change the landscape and context of how art is appreciated.

For the ancient Egyptians, a central tenet of their civilization was not the denial of one’s material existence, but rather a transcendence beyond it. After a successful life on Earth, the soul would make its exit out of the corporeal realm through the Milky Way in a process of succession.

The Luxor temple on the banks of the Nile was (and for many continues to be) a place where this transcendence is made manifest. The temple structure itself reveals the ascension process in a kind of metaphysical roadmap, in which every stone and every column represents an expansion of consciousness and wisdom, and why the central pillars of the temple structure frame the Milky Way perfectly between them.

Beginning in 2020, VESA, together with the SuperWorld team, sought to build a Metaverse version of this journey to honor the physical version of the temple in VR, and illustrate both the physical and contextual evolution of the structure as it stands today (juxtaposed with its rich cultural past). Likewise, all of the artwork on display has a direct line to the spiritual consciousness inherent in the Temple of Luxor, or indeed to the physical temple itself.

Through the marriage of AR, VR and NFT’s, the LUXOR experience will unite the past, the present and the future into one living exhibit whose impact hopes to resonate with all of us. And in the near future, the LUXOR exhibit will be anchored to its physical location in Egypt, allowing visitors to use the SuperWorld app to access the experience in person.

VESA & SuperWorld CEO Hrish Lotlikar discuss the inspiration behind building the LUXOR Gallery

The Luxor project’s origin was initially inspired by Emmy-award winning writer, producer and Egyptologist, John Anthony West, whose series “Magical Egypt’’ served as a catalyst for VESA in his journey toward creation. In addition, VESA has taken inspiration from the book Temple in Man, by R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz, which crystallized his artistic vision and rendered the project all the more impactful. And thus, VESA has created a digital monument that–like all art which moves us–must ultimately be framed as a question: Where does your journey begin?


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