Building “Seeing Spaces” in Real Life

Supplyframe’s mission is to create more access to information about electronics design and manufacturing. As such, we do meetups in San Francisco called, Hardware Developers Didactic Galactic. These events include talks by industry experts in hardware and software. The speakers are often building hardware for recreation or as part of their employment. The common thread is that they want to give a view “under the hood”.

Jonathan Beri at HDDG14

The second talk given at HDDG14 by Jonathan Beri (@beriberikix). He took a previous presentation done by Bret Victor (@worrydream) and attempted to put the ideas to work in the real world using tools like ESP8266s and MQTT. Jon showcases many of Bret’s original ideas and explains how useful these would be at Makerspaces. People looking to learn electronics would benefit from the ability to record and see data in the real world more than most.

For those interested, a video Bret’s original talk on the subject in 2014 is also available below and can be seen with a cartoon he did on the subject on his site, Worrydream.

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