Don’t Be A Sunday (LED) Driver

Jason Cerundolo discusses the various methods to drive LEDs

Supplyframe’s mission is to create more access to information about electronics design and manufacturing. As such, we do meetups in San Francisco called, Hardware Developers Didactic Galactic. These events include talks by industry experts in hardware and software. The speakers are often building hardware for recreation or as part of their employment. The common thread is that they want to give a view “under the hood”. This will continue next week with HDDG18, covering topics like scientific documentation and at-home pick-and-place adventures.

Jason giving a talk about LEDs at HDDG15

At HDDG15, Jason Cerundolo (@AscendedDaniel) discussed his experiences at both work and in his free time working with LEDs. Typically people entering the field do not have an intuitive feel for driving LEDs because of their non-linear nature. Driving LEDs with current control (vs voltage control) offers more fine control over color temperature and PWM. This also allows more intricate configurations of LED strings in series.

Jason published his slides on his Reclaimer Labs site. You can see more of Jason’s work via his day-job, where he is working on the CastAR (also mentioned in the presentation).

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