Framing It: 10.22.19

Unix is 50, Free Drone With Purchase Of Net, and Open Hardware is dead, Right to Repair is Great

Brian Benchoff
Oct 22 · 3 min read

Unix Has An AARP Card

Flying Cars! Free Amazon Drone With Purchase Of Net!

  • In non-drone but still buzzing news, Kitty Hawk revealed their take on a flying taxi. It’s called the Heaviside, named after the deeply mentally disturbed electrical engineer and physicist Oliver Heaviside. You do get credit for being better at Maxwell’s equations than Maxwell, I guess.
  • There are very few details on the Heaviside, but it will apparently be certified as an ultralight, thus requiring no pilots license. It will travel at about 200 miles per hour, which is illegal.

Rumors of the death of Open Hardware were premature…

  • Last week saw an announcement that Lulzbot was possibly on the ropes.
  • Lulzbot is the manufacturer of the Lulzbot Taz printer, one of the best printers on the market, and the first piece of hardware to be certified by the Free Software Foundation.
  • This week, suppliers for Lulzbot confirmed, yes, there probably won’t be more Lulzbots made in the future.
  • What is to be done with $5M in inventory? No one knows.

The Right to Repair gets a hearing

  • The state of Massachusetts is considering a right to repair bill, and Louis Rossman is there to give his side of the story.
  • As you would expect, this hearing was attended by corporate lobbyists, and Rossman did a great job of excoriating all of their arguments 18 feet off Hell in a Cell through an announcer’s table:


Discussing the business of hardware and hardware manufacturing.

Brian Benchoff

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Discussing the business of hardware and hardware manufacturing.

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