Framing It: 11.5.19

Brian Benchoff
Nov 5 · 2 min read

Fitbit is an Alphabit, AirPods can’t be repaired, Flying Cars, and Battery Explosions

Google has bought Fitbit for $2B

He Can’t Hear Us, He’s Wearing AirPods!

Oh Great, Flying Cars

  • Ehang, perpetual display piece at the Consumer Electronics Show, has filed with the SEC for an IPO. They build the Ehang 184 and Ehang 216, a one and two-passenger (with no pilot) ‘autonomous flying car’.
  • According to Ehang, ‘there’s no regulation yet for this type of aircraft’. This is a lie, because that’s what the FAA does.
  • In any event the Ehang flying car was designed by someone who looked at an airplane kinda closely. The red navigation lights are on the front and green nav lights are in the back; this makes sense if the Ehang flies sideways all the time.

Faster Battery Charging!

The Hackaday Superconference

The Hackaday Superconference is happening in Los Angeles, November 2019. That’s also when Blade Runner is set, and with the fires it looks like we’ll have the right amount of smog. It’s November 15–17, it’s sold out, but there’s a wait list for tickets. Or you could just cruise Craigslist for someone else’s tickets, we don’t care.


Discussing the business of hardware and hardware manufacturing.

Brian Benchoff

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Discussing the business of hardware and hardware manufacturing.

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