It’s Time! Announcing the 2017 POR Grants Awardees

It’s hard to believe, but after almost a year’s worth of preparation, from launch to EOI stage to bootcamp to final deadline, it’s finally time to announce the awardees for the 2016–2017 round of the NL SUPPORT Patient-Oriented Research Grants competition.

Here’s how the sausage was made:

The Applications

When we issued the call for EOIs in August 2016, we expected a high degree of interest, but not the 41 EOIs we received. In all, there were:

  • 23 from the Faculty of Medicine
  • 8 from the School of Nursing
  • 3 from the School of Pharmacy
  • 3 from the School of Human Kinetics and Recreation (HKR)
  • 3 from Eastern Health
  • 1 from the School of Social Work
  • 1 external applicant

No EOIs were rejected at this stage. All were reviewed by NL SUPPORT staff in November, and each applicant should have received a personalized response indicating where the proposal could be strengthened, inviting them to apply to the final stage and to attend upcoming training sessions designed to address weaknesses common to many of the applications.

Of those 41 EOIs, we received 24 full applications:

  • 16 from the Faculty of Medicine
  • 3 from the School of HKR
  • 3 from the School of Nursing
  • 2 from the School of Pharmacy

This was a drop but still up overall from last year’s 18 applications.

The Reviews

As with last year’s round, applications were reviewed in a two-stage process:

A Patient Review Panel was convened with members of NL SUPPORT’s Patient Advisory Council to review all the applications. Each application was assigned a first and second reader from the panel members. Our patient readers were asked to score the applications according to the same guidelines as the final Review Committee, though they were asked to score in fewer categories.

The Patient Review Panel met on May 5, and identified several applications that they felt were of the highest quality.

On May 31 a full Review Committee was convened to further discuss the applications. Because Patient Oriented Research involves stakeholders from all aspects of healthcare — patients, policy and research — this panel comprised peer reviewers, policy experts (from gov’t and RHAs) and three representatives from the Patient Review Panel.

The Review Committee made their recommendations to our Steering Committee, who ratified those recommendations at their July 12th meeting.

But you probably didn’t come here to read about process. Let’s get to the real meat:

The Awardees

Jill Bruneau and Donna Moralejo (School of Nursing)

Implementing and Testing a Cardiovascular Screening Intervention to Promote Healthy Aging

Fern Brunger (Faculty of Medicine, Community Health and Humanities

The Eastern Health Diversity Project: Examining needs and establishing priorities.

Lesa Dawson (Faculty of Medicine, Discipline of Obstetrics and Gynecology)

Why don’t BRCA carriers in NL receive adequate cancer screening and prevention?

Sheila Garland (Faculty of Science, Psychology)

Young Adults with Cancer in their Prime (YAC PRIME): A Patient Oriented
Collaborative Study

Martha Traverso-Yepez and Barbara Young (Faculty of Medicine, Community Health and Humanities, and Eastern Health)

Engaging mothers to make mental health a critical item in primary health care assessment

Laurie Twells (Faculty of Medicine and School of Pharmacy)

Access to Weight Management and Treatment for Obesity in NL: 
An Innovative Patient-Centred Approach

Congratulations to all our awardees! You’ll be getting official notification in the mail in the coming weeks. We’re all chomping at the bit to work together in growing a culture of Patient-Oriented Research in Newfoundland and Labrador.

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