Studying the social and workplace experiences of individuals affected by cancer in NL

Written by: Sevtap Savas, PhD & Krista King, NP, Memorial University, St. John’s

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2 min readMay 16


Cancer may impact the social and workplace experiences of individuals living with and beyond a diagnosis of cancer.

A team of patient investigators, Memorial University researchers, and clinicians are conducting a study that examines these experiences in Newfoundland and Labrador.

This study will examine the participants’ perspectives and lived experiences through group discussions methodology.

Since the social and workplace lived experiences of individuals from different geographic regions of the province, young individuals (45 years of age or younger), and 2SLGBTQIA+ community members may differ from each other, the team aims to have separate conversations with these groups.

An image of a person wearing a head scarf in front a group of other people sitting in a circle. The title reads: Cancer Study Lived Experiences. More text explains the study, how to participate, and who to contact.

At the end, the study team hopes to identify the common and unique patient experiences across these six different participant groups.

Results of this study may help improve social and workplace practices, inclusion, and experiences and health outcomes of individuals affected by cancer in our province.

You can find more information about this study here.

If you have been diagnosed with cancer within the last 5 years, reside in NL, and would like to participate in this study or have questions about it, please contact Krista King (; 709–864–4618).

The study team sincerely thanks you for your interest.

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