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Naraven games — Answer Knot

First the first article of the “We tested” series, SMG decided to pick Answer Knot, the first game of Naraven Games - based in Lausanne. We indeed relate to them as we are both a starting company with a very first product, made not too far away from each other! (SMG is Prilly made)

Answer Knot is free and can be downloaded on Steam.

The game

Answer Knot is a short narrative first-person point and click about Zach and June. During her journey home from work, June leaves Zach voice messages about why she’s running late. You’re Zach and, stuck
in the living room, you each new message each time you do the right interaction with your environment.

Inspired by famous walking-simulators (Gone Home, What Remains of Edith Finch), the game borrows its atmosphere to the mystery genre and is played in one hour or less. Building tension being the primary goal of the game, the music, sound-design and voice acting where all particularly worked on, and the characters are given life by all the details the player can look at.

We can’t tell much more without spoiling, we let you discover more about the mysteries surrounding those messages!

The craft

Answer Knot was made using the Unity engine and will work on most Windows computers. SMG tested it on Linux, where it works almost perfectly using Proton (The only issue are the ending credits not showing at the end).

Standard FPS commands, the particularity comes from the interactions you can have with a huge number of details. Pictures, flyers, magazines, post-its, you will be able to explore a vast amount of backstory elements. Many elements are also hidden references to popular culture. Finding them is a full game in itself!

The music and the visual details provides a nice immersion, releasing the full emotion of the built-up tension generated throughout the adventure.

This game is a first game and a free game. Haters are gonna hate and anyone comparing Answer with an AAA wouldn’t be fair. We can feel here and there small frictions in the Craft, but after accepting those imperfections we fully enjoyed the rest of the game.

The craftspersons

Naraven games is an independent studio founded in 2019 by a Swiss girl. Helped by freelancers and friends, Julia directed Answer Knot and released it for free to promote the company. Self funded, she is willing to continue developing games and take-off in the industry.

SMG opinion

Answer Knot is definitely a great showcase of the potential of Naraven games! It’s a perfect game for your quest of a full adventure incipit-climax-resolution in an hour. We are looking forward for the next Naraven release!




Blog of the e-shop https://support-swiss-made-games.ch

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