Austin FC: Let’s Grow the Legend

On Wednesday, August, 22nd, inside a small club on the east side of town, the identity for the city’s first major league sports team was announced to cheering locals and revealed to the world: Austin FC!

Austin FC

As Austin FC’s Supporters Group, we couldn’t be more excited about finally having a proper name to call our club — instead of just a hashtag. We’re also very grateful for the thought and care that went into the branding effort— designed by a local agency: The Butler Brothers — with help from Austinites from all over the city.

This article isn’t to tell the story of the team’s brand. There will be plenty about that on the team’s official site. No doubt armchair creative directors all over the Internet will weigh in as well on social media. But here are a few quick thoughts from the SG:

  • It’s inclusive of all of Austin. Any other icon or mascot would likely have not been the right fit for some part of town. No branding will ever make everyone happy, but the representation of green, nature, and the mighty oak can certainly connect with the vast majority of Austin.
  • Austin is the brand. Our city’s name is prominently displayed. The league will know who we are. While there were many creative and awesome team name suggestions, it’s hard to argue that “Austin FC” is direct and showcases our city above all else.
  • “Grow the Legend” is on point. Austin is fast a growing, international city full of people from all kinds of backgrounds and experiences. Soccer is too. We’re excited to do our part.
  • There’s a lot being said in the badge. Eleven players on the field represented in the leaves, deep roots that will grow below, branches that reach for lofty goals and point to all parts of the city – many becoming one. It’s already growing on us (get it?)

We now have an identity for our team, a location for our stadium, and there is still much more news to come before first kick in 2019. This includes the rebranding of our own MLS in Austin, since we can now shift gears from bringing Austin an MLS team to supporting our MLS team: Austin FC!

If you are not already a supporter, won’t you join us?

Thank you for your support!

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