MLS in Austin: New Look, Temporary Name, Permanent Supporters Group

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4 min readOct 16, 2017


Our new logo, new website, and our plan for an Austin-centric Supporter Brand.

A New Logo

We’re excited to unveil the new logo for the MLS in Austin Supporters Group. We’re moving our focus toward our role as the supporters group for our future MLS team, so we wanted to make the “Supporters Group” more prominent and have something less derivative of the official Major League Soccer branding.

The New MLS in Austin Supporters Group Logo

Some features of the new logo

  • We stuck with mostly the same greyscale colors we’ve been using, since we don’t have team colors to work off of — yet! We didn’t want to be stuck with a color scheme that clashes with the team we’re supporting.
  • We did come across this shade of green we liked as an accent color. It doesn’t really collide with any EPL teams, MLS teams, or will anger Aggie or Longhorn fans for being red or burnt orange. However, it does pair nice with many of their existing color palettes.
  • Humanist typography that makes the “Supporter Group” part of the mission more prominent, while still keeping the “MLS in Austin” mission front and center.
  • Inclusion of the Supporters Union “kitman” logo, as we look to continue to promote Austin soccer supporters as well — our focus just also happens to be on attracting them to our SG.

We consider this a temporary brand update as we will NOT be calling our SG “MLS in Austin” forever. Currently, the name serves a specific purpose: What we are and what we support. A some point soon however, MLS themselves will be here on the ground and things could start to get confusing.

MLS in Austin Logo History

A big thank you to Ryan Riggins, one of the newest team members, for his work on the rebranding effort. You’re about to see a lot of his handiwork on shirts, hats, stickers, magnets, and anything else we can slap it on.

The long-term brand plan

So once we attract a team to town, what then? Well, we’ve given that some thought:

  • We’ll work closely with the front office to understand their brand strategy and approach for the club.
  • We’ll work with the membership to workshop and develop a new identity that’s very much represents our group, Austin, and that complements the team we’ve worked so hard to get here. We want to build something that supporters all over Austin want to be a part of and that teams coming into Austin respect and are intimidated by.
  • We’ll completely rebrand and relaunch well ahead of our first MLS match.
  • If you’d like to be involved in the branding process, become a member and get involved! Someday you’ll be able to tell your grandkids “I was a supporter even before they had a team!”

A New Website

A refresh of the new website has been long overdue. With a complete rebuild, we’ll now be able to update content more quickly and have more information and resources readily accessible to our rapidly growing membership base.

New Features

  • Highlighting key information and updates right on the homepage.
  • Article listings — like for the one you’re reading now
  • Upcoming event information
  • Improved Membership sign-up
  • Works better on mobile devices

We have additional updates and features we’ll be rolling out in the near future as well.

Note: Please be patient while we work out some bugs and minor issues.

What are your thoughts? Drop us a note.

Thank you for your support!

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MLS in Austin
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