dAlchemy backs SureRemit

We’re pleased to have Digital Alchemy Holdings (dAlchemy) join the SureRemit circle. dAlchemy is a Toronto/Taipei-based investment company with a focus on blockchain-based ventures. Our grand mission at SureRemit is to create an alternative remittance ecosystem that serves the real needs of people in the worst-served regions of the world, and having long-term partners like dAlchemy that share our vision for a more inclusive and reasonable financial sector strengthens our resolve.

To succeed with the SureRemit project, we’ll need active stakeholders across the entire value-chain. Already, several members of our community that purchased the Remit tokens during the pre-sale are taking actions that will help us expand into their locations around the world. Our relationship with institutional and individual Remit token-holders, our partner retail merchants, immigrant senders and their recipients back home will define the future of the platform. We’re fortunate to have a growing community of partners that align with our vision.

dAlchemy will be very valuable in helping us access remittance flows from the North America and Asia region.

Join the campaign. Participate in the SureRemit crowd-sale at tokensale.sureremit.co.

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